Assam Second Flush Tea

Assam second flush teas: picked young, end of May to early June.
Assam second flush teas are considered the region’s most distinctive teas. They are picked young, between the end of May and early June. The tiny hairs on the back of the leaf give them a characteristic maltiness and depth of body that is much sought-after. They have a rich creaminess and a defined, brisker aspect to their flavour which are proving increasingly popular for their distinctive flavour and elegance, making them perfect teas to enjoy at breakfast.

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    Assam Duflating Second Flush

    Assam Duflating Second Flush 2018

    Assam Duflating Second Flush STGFOP1 2019. A tea with an abundance of ...

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    4.75 out of 5
    Assam Sree Sibbari Second Flush

    Assam Sree Sibbari Second Flush 2019

    Assam Second Flush Sree Sibbari 2019 Grown on the upper Assam plateau ...

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    0 out of 5
    assam harmutty 2nd flush

    Assam Harmutty Second Flush

    Assam Harmutty Second flush: from the great Harmutty garden. Large leaf, TGFOP1 ...

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    4.66 out of 5
    Assam Bukhial Second Flush

    Assam Bukhial Second Flush TGFOP1

    Assam Bukhial Second Flush TGFOP1: much acclaimed. Usually picked in May, having ...

    £8.42£19.00View Details

    4.82 out of 5

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