Darjeeling Second Flush tea

Darjeeling Second Flush tea: noted for its smoothness and body.

Darjeeling Second flush tea is picked in May and June. It has greater body and less astringency or briskness, than first flush Darjeeling tea. However, it has a more fruity character because of natural changes as the leaf matures in response to the unique growing environment. It is still the classic two leaves and a bud that are meticulously picked. The leaf is darker and more brownish but the tip is still clearly apparent, All these teas have that wonderfully captivating muscatel character. Should be drunk without milk. See our choice of top gardens.

    Darjeeling Balasun Second Flush

    Darjeeling Balasun Second Flush 2016

    Darjeeling Balasun Second Flush 2016: Well-rounded, fruity. Located in the Kurseong Valley ...

    £12.76£27.24 View Details

    Darjeeling Thurbo Second Flush

    Darjeeling Thurbo Second Flush 2016

    Darjeeling Thurbo (Muscatel) Second Flush 2016: floral and rich. This highly acclaimed Darjeeling ...

    £12.88£27.47 View Details

    Darjeeling Sungma Muscatel Second Flush

    Darjeeling Sungma Muscatel Second Flush

    Darjeeling Sungma Muscatel Second Flush: from one of the most renown gardens ...

    £12.45£26.66 View Details

    Darjeeling Namring Upper Second Flush

    Darjeeling Namring Upper Second Flush tea

    Darjeeling Namring Upper Second Flush tea: has a well balanced muscatel character ...

    £10.40£22.76 View Details

    Darjeeling Second Flush organic Risheehat

    Darjeeling Second Flush organic Risheehat

    Darjeeling Second Flush organic: Risheehat It has a greenish and tippy appearance. It produces ...

    £13.75£29.13 View Details

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DateProductScoreCustomer Comment

Rooibos with Blood Orange Herbal Infusion

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  • Rosehip and Hibiscus

Service rating : Tea arrived REALLY quickly.
Product : Knew I liked I having experienced it at a local café.

Peppermint Herbal Tea Infusion

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Fabulous selection of high quality teas, The whole family have become fans of Grey's teas!

Keemun Peony


I have purchased tea from greys many times. This time i was charged first clas postage.£4.50. why ? this was not requested. ALTHOUGH THIS WAS REPORTED AT THE TIME NO ANSWER HAS YET BEEN RECIEVED. I WANT MY £4.50 BACK. INCEDENTLY 1ST CLASS STILL TOOK 7 DAYS.


Antony Woollard order no 11469

On 17-May-2017 the supplier responded:
Dear Mr Woollard, we have received no email or telephone call from you. 1st Class post was the default shipping chosen but we are trying to rectify this setting error. The £4.50 charge has been refunded. Your order was delayed whilst we awaited additional stock. An 'on-hold' email was sent.

China Keemun tea Dahlia

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Rapid delivery, excellently packed, competitively priced and high quality tea.

Darjeeling Green tea organic Risheehat

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  • Jasmine Pearl Superior tea

Customer service was excellent. Teas of excellent quality

Good Morning tea blend


Service rating : I just keep coming back for more. Great tea and it arrives in a couple of days.
Product : Best tea for every morning!

Kenya orthodox tea TGFOP1


Service rating : good choice and efficiently dispatched once ordered.
Product : All teas i have tried from this site have been of good quality, in fact the choice is somewhat overwhelming. However Kenya orthodox tea TGFOP1is my tea of choice.
I'm no expert but it seems to me this tea is what I regard as a traditional tasting tea similar to tea that I enjoyed over 50 years ago (but better). The reason I like it is it has a good strength and body but also with a certain delicacy and nice clean taste. A thoroughly enjoyable compromise.

Darjeeling Green tea organic Risheehat


Service rating : Fast delivery, very rare product excellent quality.
Product : Very good quality rare tea.

Assam Dikom tea

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We are Assam tea lovers and all the teas we ordered have been excellent. We received the teas in a timely fashion and they were well packed. We will definitely order from Grey's again.

Dragon Well green tea


Service rating : Good service and prompt delivery
Product : A whole new tea experience