First Flush Darjeeling tea

First Flush Darjeeling tea: teas to be savoured.

First Flush Darjeeling tea, picked from the beginning of the growing season in February or March through to April, is looked forward to with great anticipation by many committed drinkers of Darjeeling teas. Only the bud and first two tender leaves are picked. The resultant tea is fresh tasting, brisk and delicate with a light body, having subtle muscatel character. As such they are the embodiment of the ‘Champagne of teas’. Whilst these are black teas the leaf is often distinctly green in appearance and the tip is clearly evident. They should be drunk without milk.

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    Darjeeling Okayti First Flush

    Darjeeling Okayti First Flush 2016

    Darjeeling Okayti First Flush 2016: Light and fresh. Originally known as Rangdoo ...

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    4.71 out of 5
    Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush

    Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2017

    Darjeeling Thurbo First Flush 2017. Superbly tippy and full of flavour. Has ...

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    0 out of 5
    Darjeeling Soom First Flush

    Darjeeling Soom First Flush TGFOP1 2016

    Darjeeling Soom First Flush: well-rounded and delicately muscatel. The garden is at an ...

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    4.50 out of 5
    Darjeeling Castleton First Flush 2016

    Darjeeling Castleton First Flush 2017

    Darjeeling Castleton First Flush 2017 is flowery, fragrant and elegant. Castleton is one ...

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    4.63 out of 5
    darjeeling namring upper first flush

    Darjeeling Namring Upper First Flush

    Darjeeling Namring Upper First Flush: a fabulous first tea. It has a lightness ...

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    4.00 out of 5
    organic first flush darjeeling

    Monteviot Organic First Flush Darjeeling

    Organic First Flush Darjeeling: from Monteviot, one of Darjeeling's oldest tea gardens ...

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    5.00 out of 5

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