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  • Our Earl Grey tea blend contains China Keemun and Indian Darjeeling teas.
  • It contains natural oil of bergamot (an Italian citrus fruit).
  • The blend was created in honour of my four-times great uncle, Charles, 2nd Earl Grey who was the British Prime Minister between 1830 and 1834.
  • Our Earl Grey tea blend is light bodied due to the teas used, together with the right proportion of bergamot oil, giving a refreshing but not overpowering taste.


The Best Earl Grey tea: light and perfect without milk.

Whilst the best Earl Grey tea is a matter of opinion, we do try hard to create the most delightful blend and customer feedback is highly positive. Our blend contains China Keemun and Indian Darjeeling with natural oil of bergamot (an Italian citrus fruit) to create a traditional light style that is well balanced.

This classic blend was created in honour of our founder, Richard Grey’s four-times great uncle, Charles, 2nd Earl Grey. He was the British Prime Minister between 1830 and 1834 and there are conflicting stories as to how this now immensely popular blend came about. The most likely being that it was created by his local tea merchant in Newcastle upon Tyne to balance the naturally high lime content of the water in the well at his residence, Howick. Our Earl Grey tea is a traditional, light blend, due to the teas used, together with the right proportion of bergamot oil, giving a refreshing but not overpowering taste. Use one teaspoon per person and infuse for three minutes. Drink without milk.

Perfect Earl Grey “Perfect blend combination, balanced bergamot fragrance. To me it’s good for any time of day.”
Delicious “Delicious, fragrant and easy what more can one say”
Refreshing “The Keemun dominates so fairly forceful style of EG. The bergamot fades quickly after opening pack so do not store for long.”
Most fragrant! “An Earl Grey with a delightful aroma. The very best.”
Wonderful “Was very impressed with this tea. I am not a connoisseur by any means, but the first cup of tea I drank had me looking forward for more. ”
Delightful “A very nice surprise compared to the more commercially mass produced Earl Grey teas.
Delightfully soothing with an appropriate ‘punch'”
Excellent! “Probably the best Earl Grey I have had so far. The bergamot is just the right strength. I like it strong with milk, but is also good without milk if brewed more lightly.”
Stunningly Refreshing “One of the better Earl Grey blends I have ever drunk. The balance of bergamot oil to the tea blend is perfect. I wholeheartedly recomend it.”
The perfect Earl Grey “Delicate tea with just the right amount of bergamot and not a hint of bitterness. Especially nice with a little bit of chocolate!”

If you like green tea we also offer a popular Green Earl Grey.

Tea from Grey’s Teas

Our teas are loose leaf and we specialise in large leaf grades. All are made using traditional orthodox methods. Our teas are from named tea gardens or defined areas of origin.

Sourcing our tea

We believe this is the best Earl Grey tea, chosen for its distinctive, balanced flavour, aroma and appearance. Our tea is carefully sourced from long-established shippers. We can therefore guarantee the quality and origin of each tea and that it conforms to UK food and drink health regulations and our own demanding grading requirements.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

This loose leaf tea enables the full flavour characteristics of the tea to infuse. This Best Earl Grey tea is chosen for its high grade which imparts the flavour and aroma characteristics for which this tea is best known. A little extra time is necessary when infusing large leaf grades but you will be rewarded with a superior, more balanced cup. You will be well rewarded for your patience!

Packing options

There are generally several packing options to choose from. These are 60 grams, 125 grams and 250 grams, the default being 125 grams in a packet. Our silver-coloured packets are a triple laminate of paper, foil and cellophane, specifically designed for tea. Alternatively, you can select a tin caddy for your tea. These square, silver coloured caddies have hinged lids. Again, 60 gram, 125 gram and 250 gram options are generally available as options which can be selected from the drop-down list. Packets and caddies have full-colour labels.

Delivery options

For delivery our standard shipping is second class post unless you choose an alternative option such as first class post or courier. Free UK shipping is available for orders over £30 and free first class post can be chosen for orders over £50.

Storing your tea

Store your tea with care by ensuring it is stored air-tight, away from heat, light, moisture and strong aromas. Our standard best-before period is one year from packing and all teas are packed to order.

A guide to our tea

At the checkout you may choose to receive a free, full-colour, eight-page guide to our tea. For more information about buying our loose leaf teas see our page How to Buy the Best Loose Leaf Tea.

Additional information

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Packing Option

125 gram packet, 125 gram tin, 250 gram packet, 250 gram tin

47 reviews for The Best Earl Grey tea

  1. Valerie Gordon-Walker

    An excellent tea. Would highly recommend.
    Superior to most offerings on the market and delivery timeline was most agreeable.
    The price point for all Greys teas is competitive and I especially like supporting a standalone business with such a marvellous range.

  2. admin

    We have recently changed our packets to strong white paper with a moisture-proof cellophane lining. They feature an integral sealing strip which can be used to reseal.

  3. Pam MacPherson

    Different from other versions of Earl Grey (loose) which we have tasted.This is more subtle but non-the-less very enjoyable at all times of day. Are Greys about to change the packaging to lose some of the plastic overlay? Triple layers seem to be a bit excessive.

  4. Name withheld

    This Earl Grey has enough Oil of Bergamot for the taste to be evident, and not so much as to swamp the flavour of the already-good tea which it accompanies. It is pleasing to be able to watch the tea infuse and not instead to have to be in a hurry to remove the leaves from the pot so as to prevent too strong a colour and too much tannin while the Bergamot flavour is being released. In those ways, the tea matches perfectly the descriptions which it is given on the Grey’s Teas web site. In short, this is a very good example of Earl Grey.

  5. carolinefmbodger

    Lovely flavour and aroma – we combine half Earl Grey with half Lapsang Souchong in our household – a heathen activity I suspect amongst tea aficionados, but it means we have trained 3 young men in the their twenties to be adventurous tea drinkers (and hopefully prospective Greys’ Teas customers)!

  6. Michael Parkin

    Service: its excellent

  7. Jackie Fuller

    Service: Fabulous selection of high quality teas, The whole family have become fans of Grey’s teas!

  8. Jane Hughes

    Product: This is the best Earl Grey that we have found. It’s fragrant and very refreshing, a delicious cup of tea.
    Service: The order is always despatched promptly and arrives quickly.

  9. Raymond Fulton

    Product: This has grown on me since my last (good) review. The balance of bergamot is just right.
    Service: Quick, accurate service

  10. Gavin Mccollum

    Product: Good balance. Bergamot not overpowering.
    Service: Quick delivery and strong packaging to protect tea. Great selection with good photos of tea and description. I find I need a notepad and pencil as the subdivided sections make it a little time consuming to compare prices and tasting notes. Best tea supplier I’ve used so far.

  11. Raymond Fulton

    Product: Light bodied. Bergamot quite pronounced.Good blend.
    Service: Prompt service. Well presented packaging.

  12. Jane Hughes

    Product: The best Earl Grey on the market.
    Service: They dealt with my order promptly and efficiently. The tea is great as well.

  13. Michael Parkin

    Service: Good

  14. Michaela Sormova

    Service: Swift delivery. No issues. Will definitely be ordering again soon.

  15. Susan Williams

    Service: Lovely tea

  16. Jane Hughes

    Product: This is an excellent tea, very fragrant both in the packet and in the cup. It’s hard to find a good Earl Grey these days as most have been adulterated with lavender or other flowers but this one never disappoints.
    Service: Delivery is always prompt and the quality of the products is excellent

  17. Jane Hughes

    Product: We haven’t tried the tea yet but the aroma is wonderful! In these days when other companies are adding lavender and cornflowers to the tea it’s wonderful to have access to the proper blend.
    Service: Despite receiving 3 identical emails telling me that the tea had been dispatched, it took a little longer to arrive than I anticipated but it is christmas!

  18. Mark Mitchell

    Product: really weak. I was hoping for something stronger.
    Service: service great. tea not so.
    Vendor response: I am sorry that you were not taken with this tea. It is a more full-bodied, rounded breakfast type tea. You might prefer our lighter English Breakfast blend which has more character.

    Richard Grey

  19. Julian Hilton-Johnson

    Product: less bergamotty than most other earl greys but I like it, it’s more sophisticated!
    Service: Just brilliant as always

  20. Josh Barling

    Service: Gave Grays a call and they were really friendly and knowledgeable. helped me pick the right products while giving me a lot of background on them

  21. Mr Jr Fry

    Service: Fast

  22. Graeme Burns

    Product: delicious.
    Service: Wonderful teas and great service

  23. Catherine Nichols

    Service: Very good selection of teas and prompt delivery.

  24. Julian Hilton-Johnson

    Service: Great teas, great selection and great service!

  25. Nigel Sargeant

    Service: Very good choice of tea with excellent service. A quick guide to the best brewing of the tea would be helpful on the back of the packets.
    Vendor response: Thank you for your positive comments. We do try to give brewing guidance on the pack label where this is critical, rather than a matter of taste. General brewing tips can be found on our pages make a ‘Perfect Black Tea’ or ‘Make Perfect Green or White Tea’ linked from the top navigation bar of our website.

    Richard Grey

  26. Catherine Nichols

    Service: Good selection of teas. Prompt delivery that is free when a reasonable amount is spent.

  27. Michael Parkin

    Product: perfect
    Service: excellent service

  28. Richard Clifton

    Service: Tea was great and delivered as expected

  29. Catherine Nichols

    Service: Informative and easy to use website. Good prompt delivery service.

  30. Robert Bifield

    Product: Would prefer a more noticeable amount of bergamot, however the good quality of the tea does not fail to strike,
    Service: Outstanding service.
    Vendor response: I am pleased that you can appreciate the quality of our Earl Grey. Ours is a subtle not overpowering blend using natural oil of bergamot which is rare these days. I do however take on board your comments and will review further feedback. Thank you for yours.

    Richard Grey

  31. Michael James (Jim) Norton

    Service: Always reliable…

  32. Michael Scholl

    Service: quick and efficient service

  33. Mrs Gillian Lunnon

    Service: excellent quick reply and delivery

  34. Mr Brian J Russell

    Product: not as much bergamot taste as i was hoping for
    Service: Poor online paying facility…..had to phone with details to secure the order……not convenient
    Vendor response: We have now reverted to WorldPay to ensure the best payment reliability. Our Earl Grey is more subtle than many on the market. It has a more rounded flavour as it is natural oil of bergamot rather than the nature-identical used by most suppliers.

    Richard Grey

  35. Panagiotis Chountis

    Service: I am purchasing fine tea from this retailer for the past 10 years, for their sustained excellent quality of products and professional conduct.

  36. Ingrid Rock

    Service: always top quality

  37. David Phillips

    Product: I prefer this to the standard Earl Grey by e.g. Twinings – just the nbot too much Bergamot [my wife would prefer more Begramot but I will just give her Twinings!]
    Service: Personal service, excellent quality teas

  38. Anonymous

    Most fragrant!

  39. Christine


  40. Yuri

    Perfect Earl Grey

  41. Emma W

    The perfect Earl Grey

  42. Nayia Zachariou

    Most fragrant!

  43. Ss

    Stunningly Refreshing

  44. Michael

    A really nice balance of bergamot

  45. Bob Jenkinson

    Stunningly Refreshing
    The perfect Earl Grey

  46. Anonymous


  47. Wuthering Alice

    A really nice balance of bergamot

  48. Michael Parkin


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