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Tea Caffeine Levels

tea caffeine levels

Tea Caffeine Levels: by tea type and in other beverages

I have been interested to read recently about tea caffeine levels. Grey’s Teas publish caffeine levels of different teas on our page The Health Benefits of Tea. These are summarised from the excellent website Energy Fiend (it’s there as a source with link). Unlike excessive consumption of coffee, tea caffeine levelsthere really is no such thing as excessive consumption of tea. It is much more likely to good than any harm. This is not only because the caffeine levels of teas are lower than coffees. The body absorbs the caffeine from tea much more slowly and it also dissipates more slowly whereas coffee creates a peak in the bloodstream – that classic coffee ‘high’. This is one reason why tea seems more refreshing than coffee.

For those concerned about their caffeine consumption green tea contains about half the caffeine of black tea. White tea contains nearly half that of green tea. It is possible to buy good quality decaffeinated tea such as our Ceylon black tea blend but, by trying other types of tea, it is possible to find others, such as green teas, which have naturally low levels of caffeine with plenty of taste.

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