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Darjeeling green teas

Darjeeling Green teas: light, fruity and muscatel.

Our loose leaf Darjeeling green teas are some of the most distinctive and delicate. These teas have the characteristic muscatel aroma of the ”Champagne of Teas”. Clean and fresh tasting these green teas deserve more widespread recognition.

Darjeeling uses the smaller leafed, lighter bodied Camellia sinensis China tea variant so this area is therefore perfectly suited to the production of excellent green teas. Here we feature a few of the best Darjeeling gardens which produce excellent green teas.

When preparing Darjeeling green tea, as with all green teas, ensure that  freshly drawn and boiled water is allowed to cool a little, to around 80 degrees C. Infuse for about three minutes. This will help ensure a smooth, well balanced cup. Green Darjeeling teas can have notes of tropical fruits.

The fresh, fruity, flowery style makes them especially suited to iced tea and cold infused tea.

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