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We are open as usual and aim to dispatch within 24 hours. See our online store to buy loose leaf tea online. In fact 'for the world's greatest teas' is our mission so see our unrivalled selection comprising green, white, black, oolong and yellow. These include those from China, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Japan, Assam and Darjeeling. See also our classic English blends. All our tea is sourced from areas of the world renown for the quality of their production. Traditional orthodox tea and large leaf grades give the best, most balanced flavours. New stocks from our shippers are constantly arriving so you can be sure of the freshness, to assured quality standards. Many are shipped through members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Furthermore, around thirty are organic.

Loose Tea Collections and Samples

Our loose tea gift Collections are available in ten themes or you may choose our sets of luxury gift caddies for any of our teas.  We also offer gift vouchers so that friends or family can choose the teas they prefer. To help you explore our teas you may order samples. See also our teapots and infusers. Our downloadable and clickable Tea Guide can help you discover the teas you most likely to love.

Organic Matcha

Japanese organic Matcha loose

Japanese organic Matcha loose This lovely smooth, vegetal powdered tea is not the ceremonial grade ... Read More
Xian Luo

Xian Luo Keemun

Xian Luo keemun: a silky, fragrant Mao Feng style tea Xian Luo keemun is a ... Read More
Darjeeling Thurbo Second Flush

Darjeeling Thurbo Second Flush

Darjeeling Thurbo Second Flush 2020: floral, rich, muscatel and plum-like This highly acclaimed Darjeeling Thurbo ... Read More


Darjeeling First Flush 2020 Oaks

Darjeeling First Flush 2021 Oaks

Darjeeling First Flush 2021: Oaks, Tippy Clonal FTGFOP1 This new Darjeeling First Flush 2021 is ... Read More
Orthodox tea: Assam Sree Sibbari Second Flush

Assam Sree Sibbari Second Flush 2019

Assam Sree Sibbari Second Flush TGFOP1 Clonal 2019 Grown on the upper Assam plateau this ... Read More
Darjeeling Second Flush Oaks

Darjeeling Second Flush Oaks

Darjeeling Second Flush Oaks: sweet, floral and muscatel This Darjeeling Second Flush 2019 is produced ... Read More


Tea Guide

Tea Guide

Tea Guide: wisdom sometimes needs a guiding hand! Our new full colour tea guide explains ... Read More
Yunnan Golden Needle tea

Yunnan Golden Needle tea

Yunnan Golden Needle tea: a superlative China black tea Yunnan Golden needle tea originates from ... Read More
Ceylon organic tea

Ceylon Organic Uva Blackwood OP

Ceylon Organic: Uva Blackwood OP Our certified Ceylon Organic tea is OP grade from the Uva region's ... Read More


Poll results

Where poll results got it wrong!

Of course, your poll results must have been correct! We have long run a tea ... Read More
Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony: celebrating the ordinary serving of tea. Gongfu Cha is the original Chinese ... Read More
tea chest

Tea Chests

18th Century Tea Chests: for a valuable new commodity Tea first exported from China to ... Read More