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Loose leaf tea in Warwickshire

Established in Warwick and based at Wootton Wawen for the past ten years we offer our unrivalled range of loose leaf tea in Warwickshire tea lovers, tea rooms and hotels. If you are a consumer you can buy tea online using this website by going to our Tea Store.

Tea in Warwickshire

If you are a tea enthusiast living in Warwickshire or a tea room or hotel nearby you are most welcome to visit us in Wootton Wawen. Our full tea catalogue descriptions are online but we can guide you through our teas, show you examples and even offer you the opportunity to taste teas of your choice.

For overseas visitors to no trip to historic Warwickshire would be complete without a good afternoon tea in a welcoming hotel or hospitable tea room. But tea bags cannot be deemed here as ‘good’! Our loose leaf teas encompass classic English blends, as well as single-origin black teas, semi-oxidised oolongs, fresh-tasting green teas, rare yellow teas and white teas. Most of these are available to these fine establishments! If you are in the hospitality sector please see our tea wholesale page.

When enjoying teas out and about make sure you ask how long the tea has been made so that you can best judge how soon you should pour your tea. Large leaf loose leaf teas take longer than small leaf teas to infuse but will reward you with more balanced, full flavour characters. A traditional ceramic teapot may allow a few tea leaves to escape into your cup but these will soon sink to the bottom. Just remember that they are there! Some establishments use glass infuser teapots which retain all the leaf, enable you to see how strong your tea appears and save you from leaves that have gone AWOL. Remember also, that some less well known teas are best without milk, such as Darjeelings, many China teas and oolongs.

Tea in Warwickshire