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English blended teas

Loose leaf tea blends: high-grade teas blended in England.

Our loose leaf tea blends are blended in England, recognised internationally for their distinctive taste characteristics. They all use large leaf tea grades. The constituent teas are sourced from several regions and countries of origin.

They are skilfully blended teas by an experienced tea taster to produce a tea with consistent qualities from one season to the next. Our English Blended Tea has a long history in Britain as a whole and England has a world-famous tea blending tradition.

Our blended teas have well known characters. Ours are made from blends of the best orthodox teas so we are confident they will deliver the very best possible taste. For the most distinctive tastes see our single-origin teas within the black teas section of our Tea Store.

For over a century England has gained a global reputation for the skill of its tea tasters in creating superb blended teas. This stems from its long history of importing black tea from China thanks initially to Dutch traders in 1658. It was not until 1689 that England was allowed to import tea direct from China.

However, unable to gain a monopoly of trading with China itself, Britain then planted its own gardens in India: Darjeeling in 1859, Assam in 1823 and Nilgiri; in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon, first planted in 1866) and later in Kenya.

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