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Make perfect green tea: our tips

To make perfect green tea the most important thing to remember is that it should be light, fresh and fragrant. This means that it susceptible to excessive heat and too long an infusion time. Having said that, just follow these tips:

1. Fill the kettle with fresh cold water straight from a tap supplied direct from the mains.

2. If your water is from a ‘hard’ water area with much limescale or if there are noticeable levels of chlorine added to the water use a purification filter to enable your tea leaves to give their best flavour. We supply patented Brita water filters, specially designed for this purpose. Alternatively, use spring water.

3. Warm the pot, or the mug if you are using an infuser, thoroughly. You want your tea to be really hot.

4. Boil the water. Wait for the steam. Green tea should be made with boiled water that has cooled slightly or it may become bitter. Let white teas infuse for about five minutes.

5. Use one teaspoon of tea per person and one for the pot. For very bulky teas use more – aim for around 2-3 grams per person.

6. Let the tea brew for two to three minutes. Whilst colour takes perhaps only a short time to become apparent, the full flavour takes longer. To arrest brewing once it has reached the desired strength the leaves can be removed from infuser teapots such as those we stock from La Cafetiere. The leaves may be used for a second brew.

7. Use fine china mugs or cups. This is not live up to an Edwardian ideal but to reduce the amount of heat the cup takes from your tea!

Do not use milk with green or white teas.

How to store your green tea.

To ensure that your fine teas are kept in top condition for many months they should be kept cool and dry in an air-tight container away from light and strong smells.

How long should I keep my green tea?

Green tea will keep in their best condition for no more than one year. We state a ‘best before’ date one year from date of despatch.

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