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See our miscellaneous blog articles on tea. This category covers several articles not otherwise indexed.

Maximising opportunities for serving afternoon tea at boutique hotels & tearooms

Serving afternoon tea

Guests are increasingly demanding when it comes to appreciating distinctive-tasting tea Serving afternoon tea to guests visiting hotels and to those staying overnight and having a morning pot of tea with their breakfast imposes the same challenge: ensure distinctive-tasting teas are served. There is an uplift in demand for traditionally-made orthodox teas and higher grade […]

Where poll results got it wrong!

tea poll

Of course, your poll results must have been correct! We have long run a tea poll on various tea-related issues. These polls are sometimes run with the intention of better understanding the needs of loose leaf tea enthusiasts and those who enjoy single-origin teas. Sometimes we just want to offer a bit of entertainment once […]

The Flavour of Herbal Teas

Herbal tea flavour

The flavour of herbal teas: appreciating the taste Herbal teas are more accurately described as herbal infusions or tisanes in that they are not based on the tea plant, Camellia sinsensis. Rich in antioxidants, there are a huge variety of them, many long acknowledged for their health benefits. Many also have a very attractive flavour. […]

Tea or Coffee?

White cup and saucer with black tea

Tea or Coffee – which is best? The ongoing debate of tea or coffee has found its way onto the breakfast table and office conversation time and time again – and everyone seems to prefer one over the other. As a tea drinker myself, I’ve always been firmly on the side of the leaves over […]

Tea away from home

Your favourite tea room? Tea away from home: having a cup of tea out. Here’s our reflection… Sitting down in a quaint café studying the thick beams ravaged by time you are greeted by a semi-retired lady who has surrendered to interminable undusted spider’s webs. You fidget uncomfortably on the hard wheel-back chair and adjust to […]

Tea general knowledge: Our series.

Tea general knowledge

Here we have some interesting questions relating to tea. They are all quite randomly posed and the answers are in the captions below. If your have some tea questions of your own just get in touch and we will endeavour to answer them! Tea typically provides 17% of our calcium intake giving us strong teeth […]

Guide to our Tea Shop

A Guide to our online Tea Shop Our website has constantly evolved since Grey’s Teas was established in 2000 but is essentially in its fifth generation. As well as a comprehensive online tea shop we are proud of our supporting information pages and our blog which aim to answer any questions you may have about […]