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Japanese sencha green teas

Japanese sencha green teas: the most popular teas in Japan.

Subtly sweet and grassy, Japanese sencha green teas are more refined than bancha teas. The best and most celebrated senchas are gyokuro teas which are grown in the shade prior to picking. We have two examples, one of which is organic. They are steamed in production.

Shade growing emphasises the colour of the leaf and the vegetal character and smoothness of the resultant tea. Better senchas are grown at higher altitudes although care his taken to avoid too much rain and frosts. Four flushes are harvested each year, the first being the softest and mildest. The later pickings become progressively stronger in taste with more tannin.

Drink sencha teas with soft water and pair with crackers, pickles and sweet vegetables. See also our sencha style Korean Green Jeoncha Organic.

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