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My main method of making tea with loose leaf is:

I drink green tea mainly because:

I like the taste (90%), it is low in caffeine (10%).

How much do you like lapsang souchong tea?

Very smoky (40%), as smoky as possible (20%), slightly smoky (20%), not at all (20%).

What is your favourite tea to drink on a hot summer’s day?

Oolong tea (25%), full-bodied Ceylon (25%), green tea, light China or Ceylon tea, full-bodied China tea, herbal tea (each 12.5%).

Best time of day for tea:

On waking up (40%), At breakfast (40%), Mid-morning (20%).

Which single-origin tea would you most want at Christmas?

Keemun (7/10), Yunnan (6/10), Ceylon (5/10), Darjeeling (4/10).

All jasmine teas are based upon green teas.

True 57%, False (43%). Actually false! White tea is also used as a base for jasmine tea.

The first British teabag was sold by Tetley in 1935.

True 60%, False 40%. Actually false! The first teabag was marketed in 1908 in the USA.

Do you drink tea to warm you up or cool you down? 

Cool me down 30%, warm me up 70%.

Which of these teas flavoured with orange appeal most? 

Rooibos with Blood Orange (50%), Orange Blossom Oolong (40%), Black Tea with Orange and Spices (10%).

Which of these Christmas teas appeal most? 

Orange with Spice 46.2%, Masala Cha (30.8%), Winter Warmer Spiced Tea (15.4%), Orange Blossom Oolong (7.7%).

When making green tea you should use boiling water.

True: 42%, False: 58%

Have you visited a tearoom within the past 30 days?

Yes 53%. Did they serve loose leaf tea? Yes, 69%. Would you return? Yes, 92%

I am more likely to give tea as a gift to:

women (62.5%), men (37.5%).

Favourite tea to give at Christmas

Darjeeling 14%, Green tea 14%, Oolong 14%, Orange Blossom Oolong 14%, Black Tea with Rose 7%, Ceylon 7%, Lapsang Souchong 7%, Masala Chai 7%, Orange with Spice 7%, Winter Warmer 7%.

Favourite tea to be taken without milk:

Green tea (35%), Darjeeling First Flush tea (20%), White tea (15%).

Preference for afternoon tea:

Earl Grey is it!

My preferred tea for hot summer weather is

China Green (29%), Ceylon Uva (24%), Darjeeling (24%), White (19%), China black (5%).

Organic tea – I think it is fair for tea producers to charge

20% extra (50%), 40% extra (33%), 60% extra (17%).

The loose tea I would like best with my Christmas cake is

Keemun Mao Feng (50%), Ceylon Uva Blackwood (25%), Formosa Lapsang (25%).

I would most like to try a selection of:

black teas (55%), oolong teas (18%), Blended, Green and Flavoured teas (each 9%).

The time I most enjoy a cup of tea is:

Soon after waking (45%), mid afternoon (27%), at breakfast (18%), late in the evening (9%).

When making tea with loose leaf I use:

tap water (44%), filtered water (38%),  bottled water (19%).

My favourite teas are:

Black (37%), Oolong (27%), Green (23%), White (10%), Flavoured (3%).

When drinking tea I am most commonly:

Browsing the internet (35%), Reading (29%), Talking with friends (18%), Watching televison (18%).

My favourite black teas are:

Indian (43%), China (36%), Ceylon (14%), Kenyan (7%).

When milk is taken with tea it should be added:

First (44%), Last (56%).

What sort of tea drinker are you?

Traditionalist (36%), Connoisseur (23%), Adventurous (18%), Novice (14%), Health conscious (9%).

Lapsang Souchong is one of those teas that people either love or hate – rather like Marmite. Where do you stand on these?

I love lapsang Souchong and Marmite (50%), I love lapsang souchong but hate Marmite (50%).

How often do you use loose leaf when making tea?

All the time (88%), some of the time (12%).

For how long do you generally infuse green tea?

Three minutes (50%), Two minutes (29%), Four minutes (21%).

I prefer the following Grey’s tea in the afternoon:

Good Afternoon (50%), Earl Grey (50%).

Which new tea should we have next?

black (44%), oolong (33%), green (11%), flavoured (11%). Result – we brought you a new black tea – Assam Anandabagh Autumn Flush 2013!

I have:

All cups of tea without milk 43%), around 2 in ten cups with milk (9%), around 5 in ten cups with milk (26%), around 8 in ten cups with milk (17%), all cups of tea with milk (4%).

On the basis of the last cup of tea I had in a café, tea-room, bar, restaurant or hotel I would:

not return (57%), return (43%).

If I was receiving tea as a gift (suitably wrapped) I would prefer to receive:

a tea gift voucher to enable me to choose my teas (67%), a selection of teas the giver had chosen for me (33%).

The best tea I have recently had away from home was at:

a traditional tea room (67%), an hotel (33%).

When at work I prefer to use:

Loose tea in a teapot (38%), an individual cup infuser (31%), tea bags (31%).

Away from home, I find tea to be most commonly:

Flavourless (29%), Too weak (29%), Bitter (29%), Lacking in character (14%), Just right (0%).

For my next long-haul holiday I would like to travel to the mountains of China, India or Sri Lanka where tea is grown. Yes (100%) No (0%).

The time of day when I could least do without a cup of tea is:

When I wake up (29%), Breakfast (29%), Mid morning (21%), Afternoon (14%), Evening (7%).

The Indian tea grade FTGFOP stands for:

Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (92%), Flowery Topped Golden Orange Pekoe (8%). Congratulations to those who answered correctly. The majority know who they are!

My favourite speciality black tea is:

Darjeeling (36%), China Keemun (36%), Assam (18%), Ceylon Uva (9%).

My favourite Green Teas are from:

China (60%), Japan (30%), Darjeeling (10%).

My favourite type of Ceylon tea is:

Uva (50%), Dimbula (25%), Nuwara Eliya (25%).

I absolutely love/hate Lapsang Souchong: Love it (64%), Hate it (36%).

The biggest difference between a cup of tea made with loose tea and one made with a teabag is:

More distinctive flavours (37%), Better balance of flavours (32%), Bigger flavour (21%), More attractive aroma (5%), Too much hassle (5%).

The best word to describe oolong teas is:

Complex (67%), Earthy (11%), Aromatic (11%), Forresty (11%).

The main reason I buy tea over the internet is because

I cannot buy the best quality speciality tea in the shops (45%). There is more information about teas when buying online (27%). It is quicker and more convenient to buy online (27%).

The best thing about green tea is: –

I like the fresh taste (56%), It is good for you (22%), There are many to choose from (22%).

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