Tea Accessories & Samples

Traditional Chinese Yixing teapots and contemporary glass teapots plus infusers. Gift wrapping & tea vouchers. Tea samples.

Here you will find teapots and infusers for making single cups of tea without fuss and tea Gift Vouchers and Gift Wrapping which enable you to give our teas as a much appreciated gift. Brita water filters are also here to enhance the taste of your tea. Samples of our teas may be ordered.

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  • Brita water filters for tea

    Brita water filters for tea (3)

    You can see the the benefits of making tea with water that has been through a Brita filter.…
  • Tin tea gift caddies

    Tin Tea Gift Caddies

    Three Tin Tea Gift Caddies: for 125 grams of any of our ...

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    Tea Gift Voucher

    Tea Gift Voucher

    Tea Gift Voucher: to choose one's favourite teas is a real gift ...

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    Loose tea samples

    Loose Tea Samples

    Loose Tea Samples: which teas would you like to try? When considering some ...

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    Tea Tong Infuser

    Tea Tong Infuser

    Tea Tong Infuser: Simple, effective and reusable. Our stainless steel tea tong ...

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    Le Teapot glass teapot by La Cafetiere

    Le Teapot glass teapot by La Cafetiere: with infuser. Elegant two cup ...

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    chinese yixing teapot

    Chinese Yixing Teapot & six cups

    This traditionally small, lotus style, unglazed teapot is designed for infusing oolong ...

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    glass teapot

    Glass Teapot with Infuser

    Glass Teapot with Infuser: beautiful, crystal-clear 2 cup. Has an integral glass ...

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    tea gift wrapping

    Tea Gift Wrapping and Card

    Tea Gift Wrapping and Card: Gift-wrap your teas & send a card ...

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Showing all 8 results