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Chinese Keemun tea

Keemun loose leaf tea. See Hao Ya A & B, Mao Feng & Jhin Hao.

Chinese Keemun tea is said to be ideal as an afternoon tea and with toast and marmalade at breakfast. Some enjoy them with spicy food. The larger leaf, fuller bodied keemuns such as Mao Feng may be drunk with milk. Produced in Anhui Province they are known as the ‘burgundy of teas’ having good body and a noted winey character. These ‘gong fu’ teas are traditionally made with great skill.

Elegant Keemun teas (Anglicised from Qimen County) are produced in four areas of China’s Anhui Province near Huang Shan city. It has a temperate climate and plenty of rainfall. In fact, its swirling mists high in the mountains creates a unique and spectacular growing environment. The highest grade teas are picked in the spring. In order of picking these are Hoa Ya A and then Hoa Ya B. They have a small neat leaf giving a rich, full-bodied, slightly sweet flavour.

Mao Feng has a slightly larger leaf to produce a richer flavour. Generally brew for five minutes.

TEA INSIGHT: China Keemun. Type: kung fu black tea (made with great skill). Known as: The Burgundy of Teas. Most famous example: Mao Feng. Other examples Hoa Ya A & B. Leaf: Small, elegantly twisted by hand. Character: Biscuity, winey, medium bodied. Aroma: Delicate, orchid notes. From: Anhui Province, China. Making: Best drunk without milk.

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