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Flavoured teas

Flavoured Loose Leaf Teas: traditionally flavoured black, green & oolong.
Flavoured tea may be made with black, green or oolong teas. Natural fruit pieces, oils or leaves are added to the tea to give rich flavours. Alternatively flowers or spices are added.
All tea readily absorbs other flavours but China flavoured teas are particularly well suited to fruit teas, Ceylon teas are well suited to those such as Vanilla.
All our flavoured teas have a very natural and fresh taste. Included in this section are some traditional scented teas such as rose, vanilla and magnolia.
As well as the more fashionable flavoured teas that use fruit and essential oils we also offer traditional green tea scented with jasmine or magnolia flowers and black teas tossed with rose petals (Rose Congou) or infused with vanilla. These are classic scented teas from China and are very pleasant on special occasions.
See also our delectable Orange Blossom Oolong flavoured tea.

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