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East African teas

Loose Leaf Kenyan Teas: noted for its robust character and tanginess.
Black Kenyan tea is full-bodied with a noticeably tangy character. Orthodox teas are not commonly produced in Kenya and here we have two examples of loose Kenyan tea. They have beautifully black leaves, a robust aroma and well-rounded flavour.
Most teas are produced for mass market blends yet here we have teas which offer all-round balanced flavours whilst retaining the tangy character for which these teas are much admired. In Kenya tea is grown on both sides of the Rift Valley in the highlands east of Lake Victoria. First planted in 1903 with seed from Assam, these days much is produced in smallholdings rather than the huge tea estates of fifty years ago.
Teas are generally grown at altitudes of 5,000 to 8,000 feet on rich volcanic soils with much rainfall. The best teas are picked in January-February and June-July.

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