Teas ideal for drinking in the afternoon.

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    Blue Lady tea

    Blue Lady Tea

    Blue Lady Tea: Beautifully balanced to create the ultimate blend. The appearance ...

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    Summer Organic Tea collection

    Summer Organic Tea Collection

    For sublime summer drinking we have chosen four of our new loose ...

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    Afternoon loose leaf tea collection

    Tea for the Afternoon Collection

    These teas keep you going and help you relax ...

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    saffron Infusion

    Saffron Loose

    Saffron Infusion: Pure Persian, hand picked. Celebrated for centuries for its gently ...

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    Darjeeling Castleton Second Flush

    Darjeeling Castleton Second Flush 2017

    Darjeeling Castleton Second Flush: from one of the most famous Darjeeling gardens Darjeeling ...

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    Organic Golden Yunnan tea

    Organic Golden Yunnan tea

    Organic Golden Yunnan: black tea from south-west China. A creamy, rich aromatic tea ...

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    Chamomile Flower loose herbal infusion

    Chamomile Flower Loose Herbal Infusion

    Chamomile Flower Loose Herbal Infusion: Famously gentle. Produces a light, caffeine-free liquor ...

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    rooibos green herbal tea infusion

    Rooibos Green Herbal Tea Infusion

    Rooibos Green Herbal Tea Infusion: light, fruity and higher in antioxidants Not ...

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    da hong pao

    Da Hong Pao (Royal Red Robe) oolong tea

    Da Hong Pao, Royal Red Robe: one of China's famous teas. One ...

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    Green Earl Grey tea

    Green Earl Grey Tea

    Green Earl Grey Tea: Britain's favourite speciality tea in a healthy green ...

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    Ceylon Uva Pettiagalla

    Ceylon Uva Pettiagalla OP tea

    Ceylon Uva Pettiagalla, located at Balangoda. This beautifully made Ceylon Uva Pettiagalla ...

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    Keemun Hao Ya B

    Keemun Hao Ya B

    Keemun Hao Ya B China black tea This beautifully winey tea is ...

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    Good Afternoon tea

    Good Afternoon tea blend

    Good Afternoon tea blend: comprises China and Indian teas. Give a light, ...

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    best earl grey tea

    The Best Earl Grey tea

    Our Earl Grey tea blend contains China Keemun and Indian Darjeeling teas. It ...

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