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Lois Golding of Little Garden Flowers takes time to perfect her bouquets. Similarly, when enjoying a break, she puts aside a little time to make a great cup of tea.

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea

Loose tea for your discerning customers

Our commitment to our clients is to supply high-grade wholesale loose leaf tea. We supply these traditionally made, orthodox teas to the best hotels, tearooms and restaurants to give the best possible flavour. Delicatessens and farm shops also take our teas to satisfy their regular customers. Many of our teas are shipped direct to us from country of origin and new supplies are being constantly received so freshness is assured.

The teas that we offer our clients are same high-grade teas that our loyal retail customers return for time and again. Over thirty of our teas are organic and many teas are sourced via members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. We offer a range of teas in bio-degradable infusion bags and many of our favourites can be packed in this convenient format. We can also advise on tea preparation and menu choices.

Tea Packaging Options

We have two ranges of loose leaf teas in specially designed retail drums. These comprise English Blended Teas and Classic Flavoured Green Teas. We also supply bulk loose leaf teas for food service in either 2.5kg or 1.0 kg packs. In addition, we can offer all our teas in our standard 125 gram or 250 gram packets or tin caddies. These are particularly attractive to customers who have consumed our tea on your premises and then wish to buy the same tea for consumption at home.

Choose from our range of over 150 wholesale loose teas across all tea types and sourced from areas of the world renown for the quality of their teas. Dual-branded packaging can also be created which features your logo and identity on the front label.

We have a graduated scale of loose tea wholesale discounts dependent upon volume ordered. We would welcome the chance to introduce your customers to the world’s best teas! Contact us today to request samples of your choice.

Contact us via the form below or telephone +44 (0)1564 792295. For export products please see our tea export page.

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea Case Study

Introduction of enhanced afternoon tea offer for a leading Warwickshire hotel

Wholesale loose leaf tea

A leading luxury hotel in Warwickshire wanted it introduce an improved afternoon tea offer to fill vacant restaurant capacity during the afternoon and to provide a further attraction for guests. They approached us to propose a tea menu to pair with their popular food items and to make suggestions concerning service for high-grade loose leaf teas.

A tea menu of a dozen teas was initially created and the hotel, under our guidance, was careful to gain feedback from regular diners and guests. Further teas were added and the menu honed to best suit the tastes of their guests. The outcome of this partnership has been to double demand for afternoon teas over the past two years at the hotel and to make it a destination for this afternoon event.

The client was seeking the following areas of expertise in order to achieve their goals and to identify further opportunities:

Knowledge of varieties of tea.

Knowledge of suitable tea and food pairings.

Ability to listen to the needs and preferences of the hotel and their guests.

Ability to supply stock at short notice.

Reliable supply of high-grade, traditionally made orthodox loose leaf tea.

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