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Loose leaf green tea

Loose Leaf Green Tea: distinctive and healthy teas from China, Japan & Darjeeling.

Green tea is not oxidised in the air. These teas are also misleadingly known as unfermented teas. They have very little tannin and are low in caffeine – they have about one third of the caffeine found in black teas.

Green tea is especially popular in China and Japan. We offer a wide variety of the best green teas from Darjeeling to China and Japan and beyond. All ours are larger loose leaf grades so that they can be tasted at their best.

The best green tea is often rolled by hand, a skill taken to a high art form in China and Japan where a special green tea, Matcha, forms the basis of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. China’s Gunpowder is a distinctive looking and famous green tea rolled into characteristic grey balls. It has a delicate, refined flavour. Green teas are healthy for they are high in antioxidants, beneficial to the cardio-vascular system and as anti-carcinogens.

All loose green teas should be made with water which has come off the boil and allowed to cool slightly so as to avoid becoming bitter. Green teas should never be drunk with milk. One teaspoon or two to three grams of tea should be used per cup and infuse for two to three minutes. Green teas can be brewed more than once.

LOOSE GREEN TEA UK: Definition: unoxidised tea. Character: from herbaceous to floral, grassy, vegetal and nutty. High in: polyphenols. These antioxidants include EGCG. From: China, Japan, Darjeeling and elsewhere. Examples from China: Gunpowder, Pi Luo Chun, Chun Mee and jasmine teas, of which we have several. Examples from Japan: Sencha, Bancha and Matcha. Making: allow freshly boiled water to cool for a couple of minutes before making green tea. Find loose green tea UK.

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