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China oolong teas

China oolong teas from Fujian Province: typically greener.

These teas originate from Fujian Province where they have been grown for centuries. China oolongs are generally ‘greener’, being oxidised only 12-20% and they generally have a fresher, fruitier taste than Formosa oolong teas.

Fujian Province in the south-east of mainland China produces oolong teas famed for their quality. It was from this thickly vegetated area of mountainous limestone, the Wuyi Shan in the north-west of the province that the tea bushes of the genus Camellia sinensis originated.

The ground is enveloped in thick cloud which makes the whole character of China Oolongs entirely unique. This small area of less than forty square miles forms one of the ‘routes of tea enlightenment’ for those exploring the way of Chinese tea.

China oolongs have nourished the thirst and minds of writers, artists, monks and hermits for centuries.

Teas from this area are known as Ming Yan teas, treasured since the Ming dynasty and those from outside it are known as Dan Yan teas. Northern Fujian, Min-Bei, produces large open style oolongs and south, Min-Nan, produces rolled styles such as Tie Guan Yin.

The town of Anxi is the home of Tie Guan Yin or Goddess of Mercy oolong. This is a classic aromatic and fragrant oolong tea and one of China’s great Tribute Teas. It requires as many as eighteen steps in its manufacture.

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