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Welcome to the Grey’s Teas blog. It focuses on high-grade loose leaf teas from around the world. We hope these will be of interest to you and help you discover more about the teas you enjoy most. Please use the drop-down menu above to choose the category of post that interests you most or feel free to just browse using the post snippets on this and the following pages.

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    Tea Grades

    Tea grades, especially from India and Sri Lanka are mainly determined by leaf size We focus on the large leaf grades (OP and above) for these give a more all-round and balanced cup. These grades do not apply to China. SFTGFOP – Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe – the very best.FTGFOP – Finest…

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  • Maximising opportunities for serving afternoon tea at boutique hotels & tearooms

    Maximising opportunities for serving afternoon tea at boutique hotels & tearooms

    Guests are increasingly demanding when it comes to appreciating distinctive-tasting tea Serving afternoon tea to guests visiting hotels and to those staying overnight and having a morning pot of tea with their breakfast imposes the same challenge: ensure distinctive-tasting teas are served. There is an uplift in demand for traditionally-made orthodox teas and higher grade…

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  • Indian Teas: an Insight

    Indian Teas: an Insight

    Tea is very much central to India’s life. Indian teas are often consumed as chai and over history wild tea has been consumed by indigenous people in Assam both as a food and a drink. Today, tea is India’s second biggest employer. with over two million people, and it is responsible for one quarter of…

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  • Earl Grey Tea Defined

    Earl Grey Tea Defined

    The UK’s most popular tea blend. Earl Grey tea defined: it is a scented tea, a blend of black tea and oil of bergamot, extracted from the thick, oil-rich peel of an Italian citrus fruit, grown mainly in Calabria. It is thought to be to be a 17th century cross between sweet lemon and bitter,…

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  • Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Tea: What would you choose? Afternoon tea is one of those occasions that we all look forward to even if you are not an ardent tea lover. Is it the time to relax and have a soothing cup of tea that lifts you a little towards the end of the afternoon? Is it the…

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  • Geographical Indication for Tea

    Geographical Indication for Tea

    Geographical Indication for Tea: aiming to protect consumers and producers of unique teas Geographical Indication (GI) is recognised by various bodies and applies to products and their processes of production uniquely associated with a designated area such as Champagne, Roquefort, Cornish Pasties and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies. Geographic Indication for tea is established and becoming…

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  • Silver Teaware

    Silver Teaware

    Silver teaware: the ultimate luxury from which to serve good tea. From its earliest days when tea was introduced to Britain (in 1644) and Europe when tea was a hugely expensive luxury, locked away in tea chests, the beverage has been served in silver teaware appropriate for the expense of the tea and the wealth…

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  • Japanese tea

    Japanese tea

    Japanese tea: an Insight Here we give and insight into Japanese tea which are highly acclaimed. These are often noted for their greenness, smooth taste and grassy character. The main Japanese tea producing regions are Shizuoka and Kagoshima in the south. Most Japanese teas are produced there: Sencha, Bancha, Gyokuro, Kabusecha as well as Kamairicha. Kyoto…

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  • Famous China Teas

    Famous China Teas

    Famous China Teas: Tribute Teas presented to the Chinese emperors China is justly famous for its magnificent teas, whether these be black, green, oolong, yellow or white. In particular however are the Famous China Teas, which should be experienced by all lovers of China teas. Tribute teas, as they used to be known, were produced…

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  • What is English Tea?

    What is English Tea?

    English Tea: some definitions. English tea is an ambiguous term. It has gained many quite different meanings over England\’s long association with tea. Here we try to provide you with some definitions. Only a few acres are under cultivation in England for growing tea and this is largely for novelty value as the climate in terms…

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  • The Japanese Tea Ceremony

    The Japanese Tea Ceremony

    The origins of the Japanese tea ceremony The custom of whisked tea was brought to Japan by Japanese Zen Buddhist monks studying in China and the Song fashion for whisked tea became enshrined as the method of preparation. It evolved during the 14-15th centuries and reached its apogee in the 16th century. The Japanese tea…

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  • Historic tea locations in London

    Historic tea locations in London

    Below we list a number of tea locations scattered around the City of London, some dating back centuries. They are significant in terms or tea sourcing, trading and consumption as well as the expansion of tea growing nations in colonial times. The George Inn, 57 Borough High Street, a traditional galleried coaching inn dating back…

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  • Chinese Tea Growing Areas

    Chinese Tea Growing Areas

    Chinese Tea Growing Areas: The best in China In this new Chinese year of the tiger now is a good time to better appreciate those Chinese tea growing areas responsible for producing some of their unique teas. Chinese tea growing areas are the principle means of classifying Chinese teas. Sometimes a legend is quoted such as…

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  • What are the Benefits of Loose Tea?

    What are the Benefits of Loose Tea?

    What are the Benefits of Loose Tea? Loose tea makes the best tea. That’s a bold statement you say. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. Loose tea is larger leaf and, if you choose large leaf teas, they are even better than standard loose leaf teas. The reason is this: large leaf teas have a larger…

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  • Loose Leaf Tea FAQs

    Loose Leaf Tea FAQs

    Answers to questions you may be asking! What is loose leaf tea? Loose leaf tea is tea leaves, whether blended, black, green or oolong, flavoured or herbal that is not contained in a bag. Conventionally this may be a paper bag such as a string tagged bag, or a mesh pyramid style infusion bag designed…

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  • Teas for Summer

    Teas for Summer

    Teas for summer drinking: which are best? Have you realised that whilst tea is best drunk really hot it is also very cooling on a warm summer’s day? We would emphasise however that light-bodied teas tend to be more refreshing as they contain lower tannin levels. For the same reason, green, white and oolong teas…

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  • Arunachal Tea

    Arunachal Tea

    Arunachal tea is from the most north-easterly of India’s states Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Arunachal Pradesh has the lowest population density of any state in India, having no cities and only around two dozen towns. The state is surrounded by Myanmar to the east, Bhutan to the west and Tibet to…

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  • What is Black Tea?

    What is Black Tea?

    What is black tea – the tea that we drink most of the time? In the 17 century in England, tea was imported from China by sea. As the leaves were stored below the water line, the atmosphere was humid, black and warm. After several months of travel, the tea leaves had fermented and became…

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  • Introduction to Yunnan Tea

    Introduction to Yunnan Tea

    Introduction to Yunnan Tea: from Yunnan province, south-west China Yunnan is a region having a border with Laos and Burma, extending north towards the Himalayas. This borderland is a craggy, mountainous area of thick jungle. It is considered the birthplace of tea with native tea trees growing wild – some reputed to be as much…

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  • Caffeine in Tea

    Caffeine in Tea

    Caffeine in tea: by type and in other beverages Caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine), also known as theine in tea,  is also present in coffee, cocoa and mate. It is a stimulant and diuretic. Caffeine promotes alertness and combats fatigue. In high quantities it can however give tise to jitteryness and irritability. It is thought that the compound…

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