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Wholesale tea UK: Loose tea for food service or retail

Wholesale tea UK. Our loose teas are supplied to the best tea rooms, retailers, hotels and restaurants. Contact us for full details and prices.

Tea Packaging options

We offer our loose teas in 125 gram or 250 gram drums. They are also available in drums of either 20 or 40 bio-degradable infusion bags. We have six new teas available in this packaging option as shown to the right. These are available for higher volume sale.

Bulk teas for consumption on the premises are either 2.5kg or 1.0 kg . Retail packaging can be either in 125 or 250 gram packets or tin caddies. Dual branded packaging can be created for you which features your logo and identity on the front label. We also offer collections of four 125 or 250 gram teas in caddies. Our Tea Collections are available in ten themes.

We have a graduated scale of wholesale tea discounts dependent upon volume ordered. We would welcome the chance to introduce your customers to the world’s best teas!

Contact us via our contact form, via email or telephone +44 (0)1564 792295

Consumer feedback on quality of tea consumed away from home.

In our effort to improve the quality of tea drunk in cafes, restaurants and hotels we are interested to hear the experiences of consumers. They are invited to take part in our latest poll:

Another cup? On the basis of the last cup or pot of tea you had at a cafe, tea-room, bar, restaurant or hotel would you return? So far 56% would not. Does this make you think what you could do to improve your customers’ experience and ensure they do return?

We have a selection of point of sale material available to our stockists.

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