Black Tea for Organic Lovers Collection

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Here we have chosen four of our loose organic black teas



Black organic tea collection: for lovers of loose leaf tea.

Nepalese Kathmandu TGFOP organic. Nepalese Kathmandu organic has a strength and slight sweetness that is ideal for an afternoon tea. Lovely tippy leaf has the aroma of a Himalayan meadow and produces a smooth, well flavoured cup with a character between that of a muscatel Darjeeling and a winey Keemun. Most satisfying. Brew for five minutes.

Rwandan orthodox tea Rukeri OP organic: This Rwandan orthodox tea is from the Rukeri garden located on highly fertile, well-drained marshland to the north of the capital Kigali. This organic OP grade tea it has an attractive, tippy, wiry leaf. In the cup it appears golden, coppery-red with a deeply aromatic aroma. On the palate it is medium strength with good body and a certain citrus spiciness yet without excessive tannins. It provides welcoming relief to the end of a working day! Use one teaspoon per cup and one for the pot with freshly boiling water and infuse for four minutes. Milk is optional.

Nilgiri Thiashola TGFOP organic. A rare, organic, large leaf Nilgiri that is not easily found. In fact Thiashola is the oldest of Nilgiri's tea gardens having been established in 1859. It was certified organic in 2003. The leaf has a reddy hue. The liquor is classically light, with a fragrant and brisk, refreshing character that explains why those in the know are so devoted to this excellent tea. It can be drunk without milk.

Ceylon Uva Blackwood Organic. Our certified organic Ceylon is from the Uva region's Blackwood tea garden. The leaves have that classic long, black, wiry character producing a rich bronze coloured cup with good body and a distinctive light fragrance. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

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  1. D E Lawrence

    Product: Was a present for my wife who is a connoiseur, and she is delighted.
    Service: Delivery speed good but not quite up to Amazon speed.

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