Green Earl Grey Tea

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  • Green Earl Grey Tea: Britain’s favourite speciality tea in a healthy green form.
  • Made with fresh-tasting green tea that is low in caffeine.
  • Traditionally scented with oil of bergamot and using a base of China green tea.
  • Our Green Earl Grey is not too heavily flavoured. It is light and refreshing.

Green Earl Grey tea: Britain's favourite speciality tea in a healthy green form

Our Green Earl Grey tea is made with fresh-tasting green tea that is low in caffeine. Traditionally scented with oil of bergamot and using a base of China green tea our Green Earl Grey is not too heavily flavoured. Light and refreshing, it is a favourite among our customers. Use one teaspoon per person. Infuse for three minutes with freshly boiled water that has come off the boil for a couple of minutes.

"Great Earl grey flavour with green tea "Bergamot seems to work so much better with green tea, and these teas are hard to find. This one is lovely..."
"Light and delicate. This has all the distinctive flavour of bergamot you would expect from an Earl Grey but without the robust tea flavour coming through. It is pale, delicate, light and refreshing. Definitely one to try if you are looking for a lower caffeine drink."
"A perfectly balanced tea. This is an excellent introduction to green teas and a great evening blend also."
"This tea is light, fragrant and refreshing. It's a lovely pale yellow-green and has a really nice cleansing effect on the mouth. The tea has a slightly sweet note and the bergamot just sort of 'floats' as a subtle note, rather than a major flavour. I think that this blend suits the more delicate nature of the green tea. I think that green tea is slightly lighter beverage than the good old robust black tea. This is lovely. A rather special tea."
"Delicious! I'd never tried Green Earl Grey tea before, but will definitely be buying it again.
A delicious, refreshing cup of tea."
"My Favourite. I have drunk Earl Grey tea for years now, but since I tried this green version I hardly drink anything else anymore. It is like normal black Earl Grey but it is also a totally different and more refreshing flavour. I recommend it to everyone."

Sourcing our tea

This tea has been chosen for its distinctive, balanced flavour, aroma and appearance. Our tea is carefully sourced from long-established shippers and tea gardens that can guarantee the quality and origin of each tea and that it conforms to UK food and drink health regulations and our own demanding grading requirements.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

This loose leaf tea enables the full flavour characteristics of the tea to infuse. This tea is chosen for its high grade which imparts the flavour and aroma characteristics for which this tea is best known. A extra time is necessary when infusing large leaf grades but you will be rewarded with a superior, more balanced cup. You will be well rewarded for your patience!

Packing options

There are generally several packing options to choose from. These are 60 grams, 125 grams and 250 grams, the default being 125 grams in a packet. Our silver-coloured packets are a triple laminate of paper, foil and cellophane, specifically designed for tea. Alternatively, you can select a tin caddy for your tea. These square, silver coloured caddies have hinged lids. Again, 60 gram, 125 gram and 250 gram options are generally available as options which can be selected from the drop-down list. Packets and caddies have full-colour labels.

Delivery options

For delivery our standard shipping is second class post unless you choose an alternative option such as first class post or courier. Free UK shipping is available for orders over £30 and free first class post can be chosen for orders over £50.

Storing your tea

Store your tea with care by ensuring it is stored air-tight, away from heat, light, moisture and strong aromas. Our standard best-before period is one year from packing and all teas are packed to order.

A guide to our tea

At the checkout you may choose to receive a free, full-colour, eight-page guide to our tea. For more information about buying our loose leaf teas see our page How to Buy the Best Loose Leaf Tea.

Additional information

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125 gram packet, 125 gram tin, 250 gram packet, 250 gram tin

24 reviews for Green Earl Grey Tea

  1. Wuthering Alice

    This tea is light, fragrant and refreshing

  2. S Williams

    My Favourite

  3. Laurence

    A mild earl grey.

  4. ray.harker (verified owner)

    Delicious tea. In my opinion better than the original.

  5. Ally

    Great Earl grey flavor with green tea
    Light and delecate

  6. Anne Attwater (verified owner)

    Product: Lovely delicate flavour
    Service: Very quick service

  7. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Product: only used once so far, but very pleased with the tea
    Service: service excellent

  8. Michael James (Jim) Norton (verified owner)

    Service: Always reliable…

  9. Susan Williams (verified owner)

    Service: Lovely tea

  10. Name withheld (verified owner)

    Service: I love the tea. The package is also very nice.The only thing is that I ordered 3 x green earl grey tea and one green tea with rose and I got 3 x green tea with rose and one green earl grey tea. Green tea with rose has beautiful and so intense aroma. I love it. And earl grey is just classic, perfect I guess green tea with rose will be my favourite now as I have chance to enjoy it more.
    Vendor response: I am delighted that you are pleased with your teas. I am sorry for the packing error. Should you wish we would be happy to change these for the combination you ordered.

  11. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Refreshingly delicious and light, the best green Earl Grey tea we have ever bought.

  12. Mr Brian J Russell

    Product: My first experience with green tea, again I would have liked a stronger bergamot flavour
    Service: Poor online paying facility…..had to phone with details to secure the order……not convenient
    Vendor response: We have now reverted to WorldPay to ensure the best payment reliability. Our Earl Grey is more subtle than many on the market. It has a more rounded flavour as it is natural oil of bergamot rather than the nature-identical used by most suppliers.

    Richard Grey

  13. Anne Attwater (verified owner)

    Product: Tea has got that lovely light flavour, have tried other companies but Greys is far better.
    Service: Always excellent service

  14. Ann Thorns (verified owner)

    Service: I have tried three other online sources for loose leaf tea and Greys had the selection of teas I wanted. I liked the website and information about the teas, but it would have been helpful to see the price before clicking to get the details for a particular tea. It was the best experience for buying teas on line and I shall stick to Greys for future purchases.

  15. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Service: excellent as usual

  16. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Product: Only the best!
    Service: Very friendly, efficient service

  17. Pam MacPherson (verified owner)

    We love Earl Grey tea and this green version is every bit as fragrant as the black tea version….any time of day.

  18. Mitra White (verified owner)

    Service: Love Greys teas but not enjoying the Earl Grey tea blend as can’t taste any bergamot
    Vendor response: I am sorry you are disappointed with your Earl Grey tea. Ours is a delicate blend with subtle oil of bergamot. Unlike mass-market blends this is a natural oil which gives a well-balanced flavour. If you are used to pungent blends this may take a little adjusting to.

  19. Brian Dickinson (verified owner)

    Product: the green earl grey is super.
    Service: very friendly and personal service, delivery within 2 days, remarkable!

  20. Tj Davis

    Product: The same as above really. I assume that Earl Grey is made using the same Lung Ching tea. Really delightful.
    Service: This is the first time my wife and I have drunk loose leaf green tea and I am delighted by the difference between it and supermarket tea bags.
    Vendor response: The Green Earl Grey is made with a China Chun Mee tea. It has natural oil of bergamot, not the nature identical flavouring used by many commercial blends that has a rather more one-dimensional taste.

    Richard Grey

  21. Steven Booth (verified owner)

    My Favourite
    Exceptional quality

  22. Vcf

    This tea is light, fragrant and refreshing

  23. Anne Attwater (verified owner)

    Service: The service is always excellent tea always arrive’s within a few days of ordering.

  24. Emma W

    Light and delecate
    A mild earl grey.

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