Green Tea for Organic Lovers Tea Collection.


Here we have chosen four of our loose organic green teas.



Green organic loose tea: we have chosen four of our best.

Korea Jeoncha Green Organic. This is a sencha style, second flush tea picked in June. It has a long, dark green leaf which is steamed and pressed flat. In the cup it produces a strikingly gorgeous, emerald green infusion which is fresh and bright on the palate with a lovely smooth vegetal character. Its aroma is one of fresh spring greens. Infuse for two minutes with freshly boiled water that has cooled for a couple of minutes.

Tian Mu Qing Ding organic. 'Heavenly Blue Summit' is an excellent organic green tea from China's Zhejiang Province. It is grown high in the mists of the picturesque Tian Mu mountain where the tea is picked for only two weeks each spring. Delicately twisted its long, fine green leaves produce a rich aroma and a light, sweetish and smooth taste which is not bitter. The cup is pale gold. Use boiled water that has cooled a little.

Japanese Sencha Uchiyama. This superior emerald green steamed tea is from the Uchiyama region of Japan and is an early spring picking. It produces a sparkling golden infusion with a smooth, appetising grassiness and a flowery aroma. Infuse for two minutes with water that has come well off the boil to around 80 degrees C. Can be infused several times.Sencha was developed in Japan by intellectuals keen to create a simpler method of drinking and appreciating tea compared with the rigidity of the Tea Ceremony where powdered tea was used. It follows the approach taken by the Chinese with their Yixing teapots, using instead an equally simple porcelain teapot with projecting handle. The tea was then drunk from a straight-sided chawan teacup.

Darjeeling Organic Green Risheehat. An organic, fresh green looking tea with an equally fresh aroma with noticeable tip. In the cup Risheehat Green is aromatic, complexly foresty with Darjeeling muscatel character. It has well balanced astringency. Brew for three minutes.

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