Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Tea

Ceylon Nuwara Eliya teas: beautifully floral & mellow.
Ceylon Nuwara Eliya teas are from the plateau at the highest part of Sri Lanka’s central highlands, around 6,000 ft., where the harsher climatic conditions and scents of native vegetation help produce what is widely regarded as the best teas. They produce a light, mellow, golden cup that brings to mind apricots and peaches. Nuwara Eliya teas are grown beneath Sri Lanka’s highest mountain, Pidurutalagala, (Mount Pedro). Gardens flourished here from the 1870s when they were widely appreciated for the delicate character of their teas. The teas are subtly golden in colour and are some of the world’s most delightful. They are picked in the cooler, drier months of January to March. See our large leaf OP grade Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Court Lodge and Lovers’ Leap teas.

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    Ceylon Lovers' Leap

    Ceylon Lovers’ Leap

    Ceylon Lovers' Leap: High Grown Nuwara Eliya tea. A high-grown tea from ...

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    Ceylon Nuwara Eliya High Grown

    Ceylon Nuwara Eliya High Grown OP

    Ceylon Nuwara Eliya High Grown Orange Pekoe. Grown in the highest parts ...

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    Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Court Lodge tea

    Ceylon Nuwara Eliya Court Lodge OP1 tea

    Ceylon Nuwara Eliya, Court Lodge Orange Pekoe. From very high ground, 6000 to ...

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