Jasmine Loose Tea

Jasmine loose tea: made with China green tea & fresh jasmine flowers.
Jasmine loose tea has been a tradition since the third century, China has perfected their production into an art form using specially prepared green teas and freshly picked jasmine blossoms. Rich Arabian Jasmine (Sambac) known for its heady aroma is traditionally used in the making of these teas. This famous tea is a speciality of Fujian Province. The green tea base, zao, is picked in the spring. It is rolled and then dried with warm air blown over it. The fresh blossoms, picked in July during the early afternoons, is the most fragrant. Fresh blossoms are repeatedly mixed with the tea. They are then blown off the tea once the tea has been scented however, some may be retained to add to the appearance of these wonderful teas. The scent of good Jasmine tea should be alluringly delicate.

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    Jasmine loose tea

    Jasmine Loose Tea

    Jasmine Loose Tea: China green with jasmine flowers. This Huang Shan Ya, ...

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    Jasmine tea celestial

    Jasmine tea Celestial Chung Hao

    Jasmine tea Celestial Chung Hao: a superbly delicate tea A tippy, large leaf ...

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    jasmine pearl

    Jasmine Pearl Superior tea

    Jasmine Pearl Superior: exquisite pearls of tea. Oxidised 10%, beautifully rolled into 5mm ...

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