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Earl Grey Tea blend

Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey Tea blend. The UK’s most popular blend. Earl Grey tea blend is a scented tea: a blend of black tea and oil of bergamot, extracted from the thick, oil-rich peel of an Italian citrus fruit, grown mainly in Calabria. It is thought to be to be a 17th century cross between sweet lemon […]

Oolong Loose Teas

oolong loose teas

Oolong Loose Teas: complex semi-oxidized teas Oolong teas, or wulong as they were known, translates as Black Dragon and these teas account for around fourteen percent of Chinese tea production. Highly acclaimed in China, they are semi-fermented, in that the leaf is partially oxidised and therefore lye between green tea which is not oxidised and black […]

Guide to Good Tea

Guide to Good Tea: by numbers. 1. The Benefits of Loose Tea Using loose teas is the best way to make a cup of tea. With loose tea you can appreciate the full, balanced flavour of the tea. Here we explain why. Loose tea makes the best tea. That’s a bold statement you say. Why? […]

Tea Essentials

Tea Essentials: What is essential and not essential for a good cup of tea? There is so much talk about tea and its culture that one almost loses sight of what is important if one is to have a good cup of tea. Here, by way of attempting to provide a practical guide, we contrast […]