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What is English Tea

What is English Tea?

English Tea: some definitions. English tea is an ambiguous term. It has gained many quite different meanings over England\’s long association with tea. Here we try to provide you with some definitions. Only a few acres are under cultivation in England for growing tea and this is largely for novelty value as the climate in terms […]

English Tea Blends

English Tea Blends: Explore their diversity English tea blends make up the majority of teas we consume in the United Kingdom. Even with all the speciality loose teas that are now increasingly popular. However, not all English blended teas are blended in England. English Tea blends each have notable characteristics derived from their constituent teas. […]

English Breakfast Tea

Is English Breakfast tea the best breakfast tea in the world? Breakfast blend is such an important tea that every tea merchant offers it. However, many offer specifically an English Breakfast Tea. What makes this blend so special and how does it differ from Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, and indeed, what other single-origin teas could […]