Tea Survey for Visitors

Tea survey for visitors: valuable insights for you and us.

We would be most interested in knowing a little more about your tea drinking and buying preferences by completing our short ten-question tea survey below.

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Our tea survey currently covers the following points:

  1. Do you drink loose leaf tea? Our survey asks whether you drink loose leaf tea as we believe this is the best. But we will be interested in what you think!
  2. What do you see as the benefits of drinking loose leaf tea? Many answers are possible but we believe there is just one that really matters!
  3. Which types of tea do you like best? ‘Types of tea’ can be an ambiguous term. Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling teas are usually black.
  4. Where do you mostly buy your tea? These days when you seem to buy anything from anywhere we are interested in your experience.
  5. I have bought tea online. We are principally an online tea merchant so we are interested in your buying experience here.
  6. Which site have you most recently bought from? Knowing what standards we need to surpass is important to us, just as it is important for you to buy the best teas.
  7. What did you like most about buying from this source? Following the previous question, a few more specifics would be helpful in ensuring we bring you what you are seeking – at least as far as tea is concerned!
  8. Were you looking for a particular tea on our website? We sell many teas but we still want to know whether we are offering what you want.
  9. Did you find it? We would hate to discover that you didn’t find the tea you wanted – particularly if it was there all the time but not well-enough sign-posted.
  10. How would you rate the quality of information about this tea? We try to ensure that background and specific information about our teas is comprehensive and that our tasting notes are informative without being difficult for you to identify with when tasting the teas yourself.