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Teas for Summer

Teas for summer drinking: which are best?

Have you realised that whilst tea is best drunk really hot it is also very cooling on a warm summer\’s day? We would emphasise however that light-bodied teas tend to be more refreshing as they contain lower tannin levels. For the same reason, green, white and oolong teas are lovely to drink in summer. They have a refreshing and complex character respectively which can be just what you are looking for. Then there\’s iced tea…. There\’s a separate blog article to help you prepare iced tea. These best use green and light-bodied Ceylon teas.

Which black teas are best for a hot day?

We would recommend light-bodied black teas such as Darjeeling, Ceylon Uva and China black teas, especially Keemun. Our Earl Grey blend can also be good as it contains light teas and the subtle oil of bergamot flavouring can make it very attractive in hot weather.

Which green teas are best for a hot summer day?

Most green teas are light but the grassiness of Japanese teas may not appeal to you. We would therefore suggest China green teas such as pinhead gunpowder or Pi Luo Chun. Green Darjeeling teas can also be great for summer drinking.

White teas for summer

What could be more appropriate than the fresh white buds of a budset white tea for summer drinking? These traditionally-made white teas are very light-bodied and buttery and offer a sublimely smooth drink. We have several examples of these budset teas and other newer style white teas that are less expensive. Have a look here.

Are herbal teas good for summer drinking?

Many herbal teas are good as they contain no tannin. We would recommend light-bodied herbal infusions such as Elderflower, Lime Flower, Saffron and Lemon Verbena. Also, try lavender and Chamomile. These teas and herbal infusions can be drunk cold, either allowed to cool or cold-infused over night.

To simply identify light-bodied teas these teas are tagged as such and can be found here. We have also tagged those teas which are best drunk without milk. These can be found here.


We hope that you discover some beautifully refreshing teas to drink in the heat – whether drunk hot or cold!