Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh OP grade tea

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  • Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea: a large leaf Orange Pekoe grade.
  • Produced in the south-western corner of Sri Lanka’s central mountains.
  • Noted for its body, strength and robust aroma.
  • Edinburgh has a beautifully made, wiry black leaf.
  • It has a full, round flavour with good liquor and a floral character.

Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea: a large leaf Orange Pekoe grade.

Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea is produced in the south-western corner of Sri Lanka's central mountains. Dimbula is noted for its body, strength and robust aroma and Edinburgh has a beautifully made, wiry black leaf. It has a full, round flavour with good liquor and a floral character. Use one teaspoon per cup and one for the pot with freshly boiling water and infuse for three minutes. Can be drunk with or without milk.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

  • This is a carefully sourced tea chosen for its distinctive, balanced flavour.
  • Loose leaf tea enables the full flavour characteristics of the tea to infuse.
  • The tea is chosen for its high grade which imparts the flavour and aroma characteristics for which this tea is best known.
  • A little patience is required when infusing large leaf grades but you will be rewarded with a superior, more balanced cup.

Which size to choose

  • There are several packing options: 60grams, 125grams and 250grams - the standard being of 125 grams in a packet.
  • You can select packets or a tin caddy with hinged lid which can be selected from the drop-down options.
  • Our silver-coloured packets are a triple laminate of paper, foil and cellophane, specifically designed for tea.

How to look after this tea

  • Store the tea with care: ensure it is stored air-tight, away from heat, light, moisture and strong aromas.
  • Our standard best-before is one year.

Delivery options

  • Our standard shipping is second class post unless you choose an alternative option.
  • Free UK shipping is available for orders over £30 and free first class post can be chosen for orders over £50.
  • At the checkout you may choose to receive a free, full-colour, eight-page guide to our tea.

For more information about buying our loose leaf teas see our page How to Buy the Best Loose Leaf Tea.

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23 reviews for Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh OP grade tea

  1. James Duggan (verified owner)

    Product: Straightforward, enjoyable.
    Service: Excellent product range, first rate quality, prompt service.

  2. R Taylor

    Service: Good range of teas, speedy and safe delivery

  3. stiofansuilleabhain (verified owner)

    Lovely fresh luscious tea with delicate afternotes of plums and raisins.

  4. Anonymous

    Prominent black tea flavour.
    Rather bland

  5. Katherine Park (verified owner)

    Service: The tea did not arrive on time despite paying for first class post
    Vendor response: I am sorry that you were disappointed with our service. Your order was dispatched within two days by 1st Class Post. Post can however be slower than normal at this peak Christmas time.

  6. James Duggan (verified owner)

    Service: Excellent range and service.

  7. Alexandra Tang (verified owner)

    Product: standard up on par
    Service: efficient processing of order and delivery

  8. B.S.Mason

    Product: My mark is related to this order. However, I have tried their Dimbula before, found it to be very good & is the reason for my new order.
    Service: My first contact was by telephone, the staff povided excellent assistance. Their shipping however lets them down.
    Vendor response: Your order placed on 30.12.14 was despatched to France on 2.1.15. We note your comments made on 10.1.15 however there is undoubtedly much mail in the system from the festive season so overseas delivery may well be somewhat slower than would be expected.

    Richard Grey

  9. Katherine Ellis

    Product: I do love this Ceylon Dimbula, hence I ordered lots!
    Service: Arrived next day.

  10. Anatoly

    Product: Excellent taste
    Service: Very prompt service

  11. Derek Smith

    Product: A pleasant, light. Not quite as much flavour as my ideal Sri Lankan OP would have.
    Service: I like the range of teas and speed of service. I have 2 comments about the website:-
    1. ordering is a slow process. Price is a factor in what I order but I only find the price once I’ve clicked all the way through to the product. It would be useful to have that information upfront.
    2. I have been trying to find a way to use a different delivery address but haven’t been able to find it.
    Vendor response: Thank you for your constructive comments.
    1. On 21st February we introduced various changes to our shopping basket and checkout which we hope will make shopping quicker and easier. We realise that having the price with the tea details can be inconvenient but many customers prefer to have all the tea details on a single page.
    2. If you wish to ship to an address other than your billing address please tick the box ‘deliver to a different address’.
    I hope this helps.

    Richard Grey

  12. Mr A Hooker

    Service: Prompt and sufficient order processing

  13. Jonathan Hyams

    Service: Prompt delivery. Expert advice. Superb product range.

  14. Mr A E Lister

    Service: Payment at Check regularly proves problematic and when attempting to contact via telephone there is seldom a person to speak to.
    Vendor response: I am sorry that you have problems at the checkout. We do check this on a regular basis. Should you wish to raise a query we are here during office hours. You are free to leave a message should you call out of hours so that we can return your call as soon as possible.

    Richard Grey

  15. Chris Hollick (verified owner)

    A refreshing light tea with quite subtle flavour notes.

  16. Paula Turner

    Service: Good service, great quality tea, very pleased to find the Ceyon especially

  17. Mrs J M Adams

    Product: A new one to us. Very enjoyable.
    Service: Always good service

  18. Mark Upton (verified owner)

    Service: excellent

  19. Steve Watson

    Great afternoon tea
    Fully rounded yet light colour and aroma

  20. J K Mcghee

    Service: The website needs to reflect the pricing better I.e. The drop down should price per weight band that you sell
    Vendor response: I am puzzled. Each product page does, have a drop-down menu showing the packing combinations for that tea such as 125g or 250g, packet or tin caddy.

    Richard Grey

  21. Peter Leggett (verified owner)

    Service: I received the teas, post free, two days after ordering online – excellent service.

  22. Katherine Ellis

    Product: I’ve loved this tea for ages.
    Service: Great and helpful service on the telephone.

  23. Simon Parton

    Fully rounded yet light colour and aroma
    Prominent black tea flavour.

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