Kenya Marinyn tea GFOP1

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  • Kenya Marinyn tea: a well-known Kenyan orthodox.
  • Grown at the foot on Mount Kilamanjaro.
  • Celebrated for being one of the few orthodox teas from a Kenyan garden.
  • This large leaf, GFOP1 grade tea has a distinctive coppery liquor.
  • Full bodied and tangy with a deep, subdued floral quality.

Kenya Marinyn tea: orthodox large leaf grade loose tea.

Grown at the foot on Mount Kilamanjaro, Kenya Marinyn tea is celebrated for being one of the few orthodox teas from a Kenyan garden. This large leaf, GFOP1 grade tea has a distinctive coppery liquor which is full bodied and tangy with a deep, subdued floral quality. Use one teaspoon per cup and one for the pot with freshly boiling water and infuse for four minutes. Best drunk with milk.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

  • This is a carefully sourced tea chosen for its distinctive, balanced flavour.
  • Loose leaf tea enables the full flavour characteristics of the tea to infuse.
  • The tea is chosen for its high grade which imparts the flavour and aroma characteristics for which this tea is best known.
  • A little patience is required when infusing large leaf grades but you will be rewarded with a superior, more balanced cup.

Which size to choose

  • There are several packing options: 60grams, 125grams and 250grams - the standard being of 125 grams in a packet.
  • You can select packets or a tin caddy with hinged lid which can be selected from the drop-down options.
  • Our silver-coloured packets are a triple laminate of paper, foil and cellophane, specifically designed for tea.

How to look after this tea

  • Store the tea with care: ensure it is stored air-tight, away from heat, light, moisture and strong aromas.
  • Our standard best-before is one year.

Delivery options

  • Our standard shipping is second class post unless you choose an alternative option.
  • Free UK shipping is available for orders over £30 and free first class post can be chosen for orders over £50.
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For more information about buying our loose leaf teas see our page How to Buy the Best Loose Leaf Tea.

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10 reviews for Kenya Marinyn tea GFOP1

  1. CHRIS HOLLICK (verified owner)

    First tasting for this tea. Good body with a soft, fruity tone. Would recommend.

  2. Rob Williams

    Product: Excellent taste and I can achieve easily 3 cups of tea per brew.
    Service: there is a large choice of teas availableand I have been pleased with every one I have purchased.

  3. Toby Scammell

    Product: Slight earthy taste: a less delicate green than from the far East, but great value, and really distinctive.
    Service: Excellent value; quality tea.

  4. Dr Peter A Chapman

    Product: Produced an extremely cloudy infusion and a dreadful taste.
    Service: Good quick service, but teas are of very poor quality compared with one bought previously from this company.
    Vendor response: I am sorry to hear of your disappointment with this tea. We stock it because of its quality and I have recently tasted this tea and decided to add it to our catalogue. I am concerned as to how the tea was prepared. It needs infusing for no more than three minutes with fresh, boiled water that has cooled for a couple of minutes.

    Richard Grey

  5. Robert Dixon

    Service: very good service

  6. Jeffery Temple

    Product: I love Kenyan teas and this one was no exception; a good coppery brew with a sweetly sublime flavour.
    Service: The order was processed and dispatched within a couple of days. The selection was extremely good, the only drawback was my lack of funds… I would have loved to have purchased more.

  7. Dmytro Lebed

    Product: Brilliant green tea with a taste slightly different to all other green teas I ever tried before. Very refreshing.
    Service: Nothing to complain about. Excellent teas, good service.

  8. Jonathan Hv Price

    Service: Helpful advice on the telephone. Ordered online and the processing was without error.

  9. Stephen A Ashton

    Service: Excellent

  10. bob1 (verified owner)

    An excellent, full bodied tea, good with milk. A breakfast favoirite.

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