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New Tea Growing Areas of the World

new tea growing areas

New Tea Growing Areas of the World: from lesser-known producers of good tea.   Tea is famously grown in China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka, but what of all those new tea growing areas, especially in the Far East – are they any good? Essentially tea requires warmth, high humidity, high rainfall and acidic, well-drained soils.[…]

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Loose Leaf Tea FAQs

Loose leaf teas FAQs

Here are the answers to questions you may well be asking about loose leaf tea What is loose leaf tea? Loose leaf tea is tea leaves, whether blended, black, green or oolong, flavoured or herbal that is not contained in a bag. Conventionally this may be a paper bag such as a string tagged bag,[…]

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English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast tea

Is English Breakfast tea the best breakfast tea in the world? Breakfast blend is such an important tea that every tea merchant offers it. However, many offer specifically an English Breakfast Tea. What makes this blend so special and how does it differ from Irish Breakfast, Scottish Breakfast, and indeed, what other single-origin teas could[…]