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Tea general knowledge: Our series.

Here we have some interesting questions relating to tea. They are all quite randomly posed and the answers are in the captions below. If your have some tea questions of your own just get in touch and we will endeavour to answer them!

Tea typically provides 17% of our calcium intake giving us strong teeth and bones. Tea also contains flouride which protects our teeth.  See our Health Benefits of Tea.

Thomas Garroway placed the first advertisement for tea in England. See our Time-line for Tea.

Large leaf black tea is smoked over a pinewood fire in bamboo baskets. See our Lapsang Souchong Teas.

Green tea has about half the caffeine of black tea. It has 20% more polyphenol catechins. These help fight the free-radicals in our body that cause cancer. See our Health Benefits of Green Tea.

Myoan Eisai, a Zen Buddhist monk brought the first tea seeds to Japan in 1191. See our History of Tea.

To ensure the best flavour tea should be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place, away from strong aromas. Green and scented teas should be used within six months. See our How to Make Green Teas.

Our Earl Grey is blended from Darjeeling and China black teas combined with natural oil of bergamot for the best and most balanced flavour. See our page on What is Earl Grey Tea?

Formosa oolongs from Taiwan are generally blacker (oxidised more) than China oolongs. See our Oolong Teas section.

See our pages dedicated to making a good cup of black tea or green tea.

Darjeeling First flush as brisker, more floral and has a more distinctive muscatel character. Second flush has more body and is smoother. See our Darjeeling Teas section.

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