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What is English Tea?

English tea

English Tea: some definitions. English tea is an ambiguous term. It has gained many quite different meanings over England’s long association with tea. Here we try to provide you with some definitions. Apart from twenty acres or so on the Cornish Tregothnan estate, no tea is grown commercially in England. Their tea is a highly expensive[…]

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Tea Caffeine Levels

Tea Caffeine Levels: by tea type and in other beverages I have been interested to read recently about tea caffeine levels. Grey’s Teas publish caffeine levels of different teas on our page The Health Benefits of Tea. These are summarised from the excellent website Energy Fiend (it’s there as a source with link). Unlike excessive consumption[…]

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Famous China Tribute Teas

China famous tribute teas

Famous China Tribute Teas: presented to the emperors China is justly famous for its magnificent teas, whether these be black, green, oolong, yellow or white. In particular however are the Famous Teas, which should be experienced by all lovers of China teas. Tribute teas, as they used to be known, were produced exclusively for the[…]

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Tea and Food Pairing

Tea and Food Pairing: which tea to pair with your food? In many societies, particularly in Asia, tea is consumed with meals and a wide variety of food whereas in Britain we tend to limit our culinary horizons, as far as tea is concerned, to scones, hot buttered toast and crumpets and all manner of cakes, pastries,[…]

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Tea Tasting

Tea tasting

Tea tasting: how it is done and what to find out Tea tasting is fundamental to the discipline of creating and buying good tea. How do professional tea tasters taste tea and what are the benefits? Ensuring high quality Tea tasters taste all types and grades of tea to ensure that each meets the expectations[…]

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New Tea Growing Areas of the World

New Tea Growing Areas of the World: from lesser-known producers of good tea. Tea is famously grown in China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka, but what of all those new tea growing areas, especially in the Far East – are they any good? Essentially tea requires warmth, high humidity, high rainfall and acidic, well-drained soils. Plus,[…]

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What is Oolong tea?

Oolong or Wu-long means Black Dragon tea in Mandarin. It has been said that it refers to the shape of oolong teas which resemble the silhouette of the mystical Chinese Dragon. They are mainly manufactured in China and Taiwan provinces. The latter is known as Formosa in tea terminology. Those teas are generally referred to[…]