Assam Harmutty Second Flush

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  • Assam Harmutty Second flush: from the great Harmutty garden.
  • Large leaf, TGFOP1 grade.
  • Established in 1870 and located in the Brahmaputra valley.
  • Usually picked in May, having a wonderfully inviting aromatic aroma.
  • Plenty of golden tips and a bold, distinctly rich, well rounded malty taste. A top Assam.
  • Can be drunk with or without milk.


Assam Harmutty Second flush: from the great Harmutty garden

The Harmutty garden was established in 1870 and located in the Brahmaputra valley. It is usually picked in May, having a wonderfully inviting aromatic aroma. This Assam Harmutty 2nd Flush is a TGFOP1 grade. It has plenty of golden tips and a bold, distinctly rich, well rounded malty taste. A top Assam. Use one teaspoon per cup and one for the pot. Infuse for four minutes. Can be drunk with or without milk. Initially, we suggest you try without.

As a clonal tea the tea bushes from which these leaves are picked are cloned from the root-stock of the original tea plants native to Assam and cultivated since tea was first planted in the region.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

  • This is a carefully sourced tea chosen for its distinctive, balanced flavour.
  • Loose leaf tea enables the full flavour characteristics of the tea to infuse.
  • The tea is chosen for its high grade which imparts the flavour and aroma characteristics for which this tea is best known.
  • A little patience is required when infusing large leaf grades but you will be rewarded with a superior, more balanced cup.

Tea from Grey’s Teas

Our teas are loose leaf and we specialise in large leaf grades. All are made using traditional orthodox methods. Our teas are from named tea gardens or defined areas of origin.

Sourcing our tea

This tea has been chosen for its distinctive, balanced flavour, aroma and appearance. Our tea is carefully sourced from long-established shippers. We can therefore guarantee the quality and origin of each tea and that it conforms to UK food and drink health regulations and our own demanding grading requirements.

The benefits of loose leaf tea

Assam Harmutty Second Flush enables the full flavour characteristics of the tea to infuse. This tea is chosen for its high grade which imparts the flavour and aroma characteristics for which this tea is best known. A little extra time is necessary when infusing large leaf grades but you will be rewarded with a superior, more balanced cup. You will be well rewarded for your patience!

Packing options

There are generally several packing options to choose from. These are 60 grams, 125 grams and 250 grams, the default being 125 grams in a packet. Our tough resealable packets contain a moisture barrier to ensure freshness is maintained and are specifically designed for tea. Alternatively, you can select a tin caddy for your tea. These square, silver coloured caddies have hinged lids. Again, 60 gram, 125 gram and 250 gram options are generally available as options which can be selected from the drop-down list. Packets and caddies have full-colour labels.

Delivery options

For delivery our standard shipping is second class post unless you choose an alternative option such as first class post or courier. Free UK shipping is available for orders over £30 and free first class post can be chosen for orders over £50.

Storing your tea

Store your tea with care by ensuring it is stored air-tight, away from heat, light, moisture and strong aromas. Our standard best-before period is one year from packing and all teas are packed to order.

A guide to our tea

At the checkout you may choose to receive a free, full-colour, eight-page guide to our tea. For more information about buying our loose leaf teas see our page How to Buy the Best Loose Leaf Tea.

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125 gram packet, 125 gram tin, 250 gram packet, 250 gram tin

35 reviews for Assam Harmutty Second Flush

  1. H. Davies (verified owner)

    As per my previous review, tea is still a favourite, and delivery is always prompt. In addition, congratulations on the new, eco-friendly brown paper packaging. Well done.

  2. cjh (verified owner)

    A delightful, distinctive Assam. Great quality.

  3. H Davies (verified owner)

    The first tea ever bought from Greys, and still a favourite mid morning cuppa. Flavoursome , bright and refreshing. Delivery always prompt – thank you.

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery. New packaging – easier to seal, but wire in securing tabs fails as package becomes depleted.

  5. CHRIS (verified owner)

    Well-rounded Assam tea, of fine quality. Perfect at breakfast. Refreshing and satisfying.

  6. Heather Davies (verified owner)

    Five stars ! Well balanced and fragrant clean tasting tea with no tannic overtones. Will be buying again once it’s back in stock!

  7. Mark Newnham (verified owner)

    Product: I liked it. On!y tried it once but it was good
    Service: They sent the product promptly. Personally I did not like one of the teas, but that does not affect the service

  8. Teresa Grindon (verified owner)

    Product: Always a good product , I am never disappointed.
    Service: Tea I wanted not available initially. Took some time for them to get back to me. Have been a regular customer for over a year.

  9. David Phillips (verified owner)

    Product: A great and tasty Assam tea
    Service: swift delivery

  10. Sally Henderson (verified owner)

    Service: Excellent fast service – and such delicious tea! Can’t rate them too highly!

  11. P.G. Hughes (verified owner)

    Product: have bought from one of grays competitors for some time, they no longer stock this tea so we looked for it!! hope it tastes as good.
    Service: speedy service arrived within the predicted time

  12. Raymond Fulton (verified owner)

    Product: Smooth,medium bodied Assam. Not very malty or distinctive. I think it may vary between batches depending when you order ( probably applies to all teas)
    Service: Very cluttered website. Difficult to find way back after adding something to the cart.
    Vendor response: We do try to make navigation of our large Tea Store and other pages on our website as easy as possible. We are looking at changing the page to which you are directed after having added an item to the basket so as to make shopping easier.

    The Diamond Jubilee has received good feedback since first blended in 2012. I am sorry that you were disappointed with it.

    Richard Grey

  13. Julian Hilton-Johnson

    Product: Incredible, a lovely malty taste
    Service: Just brilliant as always

  14. Julian Hilton-Johnson

    Service: Simply a superb range of teas, quite the best I have ever tasted backed up by excellent customer servuce

  15. Julian Hilton-Johnson

    Service: Great teas, great selection and great service!

  16. Barry Candeland

    Product: A bit disappointed with the dearer 2nd flush harmutty. I will go back to the harmutty mid season next time. No problem with quality, just taste that I am looking for.
    Service: . However Greys teas I find are good quality- the best I can find.

  17. Lynda Cleary

    Service: I ordered items in time for a birthday present but they were sent to the wrong address. We got them in the end but missed birthday.
    Vendor response: I am sorry, there was a typo with the address but we left a message as soon as we received yours and identified the problem. The order had been sent by courier for added security at no charge to you.

    Richard Grey

  18. David Phillips (verified owner)

    Product: It has always been excellent in the past – this is the reason I continue buying from such a customer-unfriendly company
    Service: Yet again Greys have taken my order, cashed in my payment, sent this questionnaire but not delivered the tea!. I had to send 3 – increasingly annoyed – emails last time. When I buy tea from NBT of F&M it arrives without hassle the following day. Yet this virtually never happens with Greys
    Vendor response: I am sorry you have this view which is not reflected in the experience of the vast majority of our other customers. Your order was despatched within four days. There was some delay whilst we awaited additional stock. We have received no communication from you.

    Richard Grey

  19. Richard Clifton

    Product: Great tea for anytime in the day, almost finished this batch.
    Service: Tea was great and delivered as expected

  20. Jonathan Hv Price

    Service: Helpful advice on the telephone. Ordered online and the processing was without error.

  21. Sarah Lloyd Jones

    Product: Given as a gift to an Assam lover so haven’t tasted.
    Service: Great selection of teas and very good descriptions. Sensible packaging. Tea seems pricey this year, though.

  22. David Stuart Robson

    Service: An excellent variety of teas, reasonable prices and delivery makes doing business with Grey’s Teas attractive.

  23. Jane Sik

    Service: efficient and excellent teas

  24. Stuart Bates

    Product: One of my favourite teas and have tasted previously, however the 2nd Flush was a new experience and is one that I will definitely return to. Full bodied with very little bitterness, this is a perfect morning tea, although I have enjoyed it at any time of day.
    Service: Grey’s are a fantastic source of good quality teas. The range of products is fantastic and the information provided on the website is spot-on.

  25. Sarah Spoors (verified owner)

    Product: Extremely good quality tea. Feel we are buying from an enthusiast. Rather than a purley money making enterprise
    Service: Excellent service. Easy to order and fast delivery

  26. Anonymous

    Refined Assam
    Best assam yet!

  27. David Phillips (verified owner)

    Mellow, rich, robust and bright
    Distinct and balanced

  28. J Adams

    Delicious and refreshing

  29. Geraldine Gleeson

    Decided I love Harmutty best
    Light and aromatic

  30. Yusof Holmes (verified owner)

    Malt in abundance
    Delicious and refreshing

  31. Anonymous

    good assam character

  32. Rob Hawthorne

    Best assam yet!
    Malt in abundance

  33. Simon Parton

    A distinctly Assam aroma and flavour.
    Mellow, rich, robust and bright

  34. Anonymous

    good assam character
    A distinctly Assam aroma and flavour.

  35. Dr Mark Greenhalgh

    Distinct and balanced
    Decided I love Harmutty best

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