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Herbal teas and their health benefits.

Herbal teas and their health benefits: their qualities listed.

Why drink Herbal teas? Despite the enormous variety of black, green, oolong and white teas available from many celebrated tea growing areas, the long acknowledged health benefits of herbal teas have become more widely appreciated. Many of these have distinctive and attractive tastes and aromas which make them increasingly popular. We therefore list below agents that will help deliver better health through herbal infusions.

Increases blood-flow, metabolism and promotes waste excretion (an alterative): raspberry leaf.

Relieves pain (analgesic): chamomile flowers.

Reduces sensation (anaesthetic): fennel seeds.

Pain reliever that reduces nerve volatility (anodyne): chamomile flowers.

Prevents threatened miscarriage (anti-abortive): raspberry leaf.

Lessens the symptoms of allergies (anti-allergenic): nettle leaf.

Relieves inflammation cause by arthritis (anti-arthritic): liquorice root.

Destroys or suppresses the growth of microbes (anti-bacterial): hibiscus flower, lemon verbena, liquorice root, yerba maté.

Reduces mucus (anti-catarrhal): nettle leaf, peppermint leaf.

Counteracts nausea and vomiting (anti-emetic): chamomile, peppermint, raspberry leaf.

Inhibits growth of fungal organisms (anti-fungal): chamomile flowers, liquorice root.

For the treatment of allergies and colds (anti-histamine): chamomile flowers, nettle leaf.

Sooths and reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory): chamomile flowers, liquorice root, nettle herb.

Prevents damage to the body caused by free radicals (anti-oxidant): green tea, liquorice, mint, nettle, yerba maté.

Reduces pain and stiffness in joints (anti-rheumatic): liquorice root, nettle leaf.

Prevents bacterial growth (antiseptic): raspberry leaf, liquorice root.

For relief of muscle crams and psychological stress. (anti-spasmodic): hibiscus, chamomile, lemon verbena, liquorice root.

For relief of coughs (anti-tussive): liquorice, mint.

Reduces the harm caused by venom such as an insect bite (anti-venom): liquorice root.

Reduction in viral multiplication (anti-viral): rosehip, mint, rooibos, liquorice root.

Increased sexual desire (aphrodisiac): yerba maté, liquorice root.

To protect the heart (cardio protective): raspberry leaf, yerba maté.

Calms (calmative): fennel seed.

To decongest (decongestant): tea, nettle.

An aid to digestion (digestive): chamomile flower, fennel seed, lemon verbena, nettle, mint, raspberry leaf, lemon verbena, rosehip, yerba maté.

Promotes the activity of the kidneys (diuretic): tea, mint, nettle, rosehip, yerba maté.

Reduction of fever (febrifuge): chamomile flower, liquorice root, mint, nettle,.

To reduce blood sugar levels(hypoglycaemic): nettle leaf.

To reduce blood pressure (hypertensive): raspberry leaf.

To calm and nourish the nerves (nervine): chamomile flower, green tea.

To assist labour and delivery (parturient): raspberry leaf.

For relief of lung disorders (pectoral): liquorice herb, nettle.

For the quietening of nerves and slowing of body actions (sedative): chamomile flowers, liquorice root.

Quickens body actions, improves body actions and circulation (stimulant): tea, yerba maté leaf.

Strengthens the stomach and improves digestion (stomachic): chamomile flowers, raspberry leaf, yerba maté, lemon verbena.

For the promotion of general good health (tonic): chamomile flower, raspberry leaf, nettle, liquorice, rooibos, yerba maté leaf.

To reduce blood pressure through expansion of blood vessels (vasodilator): mint.

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