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Drinking tea

Drinking Tea Poll?

What people do whilst drinking tea?

Our poll simply asked what you most commonly do when drinking tea. Images come to mind such as reading, having something to eat, reading or spending some time with friends. So what were the results?
The most common activity (38% respondents) was browsing the internet. Perhaps this is not surprising as we are an online tea retailer but nevertheless this is a very significant figure. What can people be doing one asks? Looking at a blog, browsing the newspaper online, playing a game, watching a video, streaming catch-up television, shopping – buying more tea? These days the options are more or less limitless but it does suggest a topic for our next poll.
The next most popular activity was reading (31%). Again, these days this could be on a kindle but it is an inviting image to think that so many people are relaxing to a good book or catching up on the news commentary wrapped up in a large broadsheet newspaper or thumbing through some tacky tabloid. We do have minimum expectations of our customers drinking our great teas! What could be better than being captivated or even riveted by a brilliant book we have just bought or been given whilst enjoying an excellent cup of tea?
At 19% watching television ranked third most popular activity whilst drinking tea. It is interesting that it is not in second place. It invites the question ‘what time of day is most popular for drinking tea?’ Drinking tea at tea-time probably only applies to a minority of people when one considers the huge variety of teas available now. Many can be enjoyed at very different times, from Assams at breakfast to white teas after an evening meal to green teas in the evening. A more relevant query might be what types of tea suit different types of television programme? Now, there’s a question!
Talking with friends accounted for 13% of people’s most common activity when drinking tea. This does sound an inspiring thing to do. Indeed, tea can be thought to be inspirational. It depends on the demands of the conversation perhaps. What tea would best suit different topics or talking with different friends. Do you classify friends by the tea you choose to drink with them? Do you then let them know how they have been classified? A topic of conversation all by itself! What tea would you then choose – a spicy masala chai perhaps!
What was most interesting in our poll was that no one admitted to often eating when drinking tea. Can this possibly be correct? I know that scones with cream and jam are not too healthy but just occasionally with China keemun or Russian Caravan tea has to be experienced. Many teas, especially oolongs and green teas are perfect with savoury foods. Furthermore, think of jasmine tea with Chinese food or strong Assam with a fried breakfast. We can surely admit to having one of those occasionally?

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