Ceylon Dimbula Tea

Ceylon Dimbula teas: noted for their floral character & body.
Ceylon Dimbula teas are full bodied with a powerful, fragrant aroma. They are  grown at an altitude of 3500 to 500 feet in the western part of Sri Lanka’s central highlands where the soil is rich and the climate tropical. Celebrated Dimbula teas are picked in the dry months of January and February after the monsoons of August and September. They are highly regarded for their floral quality; full bodied flavour and brisk character. In the cup Dimbula appears coppery and bright. See our teas from the Edinburgh and Kenilworth gardens plus the wonderfully tippy Vithanakande Silver Tip.

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    Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh OP grade tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea: a large leaf Orange Pekoe grade. Produced in ...

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    4.71 out of 5
    Ceylon Dimbula Silver Tip tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Silver Tip tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Silver Tip tea: Vithanakande. Beautifully fine, twisted leaf. This very ...

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    4.70 out of 5
    Ceylon Dimbula Kenilworth

    Ceylon Kenilworth Tea

    Ceylon Kenilworth Tea: Orange Pekoe (OP) grade. It is produced near Ginigathena, Dimbula in ...

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    4.75 out of 5

Showing all 3 results