With milk

Teas to drink with milk.

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    Kenyan Emrok

    Kenyan Emrok

    Kenyan Emrok: FTGFOP1 grade tea. Emrok is grown without pesticides on the ...

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    0 out of 5
    Assam Duflating Second Flush

    Assam Duflating Second Flush 2016

    Assam Duflating Second Flush STGFOP1 2016. A tea with an abundance of ...

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    5.00 out of 5
    Organic Golden Yunnan tea

    Organic Golden Yunnan tea

    Organic Golden Yunnan: black tea from south-west China. A creamy, rich aromatic tea ...

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    5.00 out of 5
    Assam organic tea

    Assam organic tea Jamguri TGFOP1

    Assam organic tea Jamguri TGFOP1: produced in the Golaghat District of Assam ...

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    4.50 out of 5
    Kenya orthodox tea

    Kenya orthodox tea TGFOP1

    Kenya orthodox tea: a rare large leaf black tea. This is a TGFOP1 ...

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    4.54 out of 5
    assam harmutty

    Assam Harmutty Mid Season tea

    Assam Harmutty: one of the best tea gardens in Assam. The Assam ...

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    4.68 out of 5
    assam mangalam tea

    Assam Mangalam tea SFTGFOP

    Assam Mangalam tea: a quality clonal. Assam Mangalam has an enthusiastic following ...

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    4.71 out of 5
    assam dikom tea

    Assam Dikom tea

    Assam Dikom tea: a well made Assam. Having a wiry leaf with ...

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    4.53 out of 5
    Nilgiri BOP tea

    Nilgiri BOP tea. Quinshola

    Nilgiri BOP tea: a small leaf for greater strength and quicker brewing. From ...

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    4.85 out of 5
    Nilgiri Tiger Hill tea

    Nilgiri Tiger Hill Tea

    Nilgiri Tiger Hill tea: one of the most respected Nilgiri gardens. At ...

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    4.78 out of 5
    Kenya Marinyn tea

    Kenya Marinyn tea GFOP1

    Kenya Marinyn tea: a well-known Kenyan orthodox. Grown at the foot on ...

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    4.88 out of 5
    Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh OP grade tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Edinburgh tea: a large leaf Orange Pekoe grade. Produced in ...

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    4.71 out of 5
    Ceylon Dimbula Silver Tip tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Silver Tip tea

    Ceylon Dimbula Silver Tip tea: Vithanakande. Beautifully fine, twisted leaf. This very ...

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    4.70 out of 5
    Ceylon Dimbula Kenilworth

    Ceylon Kenilworth Tea

    Ceylon Kenilworth Tea: Orange Pekoe (OP) grade. It is produced near Ginigathena, Dimbula in ...

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    4.80 out of 5

    Yunnan Black Tea

    Yunnan black tea: thick buds and soft leaves. Yields a lovely, malty, ...

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    4.60 out of 5
    Yunnan China black tea

    Yunnan China black tea Superior

    A classic medium bodied Yunnan of special quality. This superior Yunnan is ...

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    4.81 out of 5
    Nilgiri organic tea

    Nilgiri organic tea Thiashola

    Nilgiri organic tea: Thiashola TGFOP grade. Thiashola is the oldest of Nilgiri's ...

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    4.77 out of 5
    Good Morning tea blend

    Good Morning tea blend

    Good Morning tea blend: full bodied, malty tea. Our Good Morning tea ...

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    4.17 out of 5

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