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Guide to our Tea Shop

A Guide to our online Tea Shop

Our website has constantly evolved since Grey’s Teas was established in 2000 but is essentially in its fifth generation. As well as a comprehensive online tea shop we are proud of our supporting information pages and our blog which aim to answer any questions you may have about tea and also to further your interest in this wonderful, diverse and healthy beverage. It is after-all the national beverage for Britain, Ireland, China, Japan and probably several other nations that have escaped my attention. Tea has immense history. It has been over one hundred and fifty years since tea replaced beer as the most consumed drink in England!

Firstly for the thirsty I had better summarise our Tea Store where we have over one hundred and fifty loose leaf, orthodox teas from those renown tea growing regions of the world. Our teas are categorised from a top level as organic, blends, black, green, oolong, white, yellow, flavoured and herbal. The organic teas are also to be found within the main tree structure of the Store. Within these categories are the main tea growing areas such as China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The major subcategories such as Assam, Darjeeling, China Black and Jasmine are available from our drop-down menu on the top navigation bar of our website. You may wish to look at our categories and tags but if you are looking for a specific tea the search box, top right of all site pages may be useful. We do offer tea accessories such as tea infusers, teapots, samples and tea vouchers. We also have tea collections of four individual teas in nine distinct themes.

Within the individual online tea shop pages we feature customer reviews of those individual teas and the star rating received. We have a separate page for our most highly rated teas as reviewed by our customers. . Supporting pages include information on What is Tea, Where Tea is Grown, History of Tea, Health Benefits of Black and Green Tea, China Black and Green Tea, How to make a perfect cup of Black or Green Tea. We have just added a new page giving a time line with dates highlighting tea’s rich history. As you would expect we have pages About Us and our Wholesale Tea Supply. We value the interest people have in our teas and for this reason we have a monthly Tea Newsletter to which your can subscribe and a Visitor’s Survey to enable us to better understand your tea needs and your tea buying preferences. I hope you will find your visit to our website fascinating and rewarding. In addition, on this blog we feature some specific guidance on buying specific teas.

See our online tea shop for loose leaf tea.

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