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Tea and Cake

Tea and cake

Tea and Cake: what’s best with your tea? Discovering the UK’s Favourite Tea-Time Treats Tea and cake is irresistible. Up to 84% of the British population drinks tea and herbal infusions every day, amounting to approximately 60.2 billion cups being consumed every year. According to the United Kingdom Tea and Infusions Association, tea consumption forms[…]

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China Keemun Black Teas – an introduction.

Keemun, from Qimen county in Anhui Province, is one of China’s ten famous teas. Previously known as Tribute Teas, keemun was Britain’s favourite tea in the nineteenth century. These black teas are known as the ‘Burgundy of teas’ for their winey character, floral notes and orchid aroma. They were first produced in the 1870s using[…]

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Tea Caffeine Levels

Tea Caffeine Levels: by tea type and in other beverages I have been interested to read recently about tea caffeine levels. Grey’s Teas publish caffeine levels of different teas on our page The Health Benefits of Tea. These are summarised from the excellent website Energy Fiend (it’s there as a source with link). Unlike excessive consumption[…]

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Iced Tea

Iced tea

Iced Tea: How to make it. Iced tea is perfect on a hot day and is easy to make. The big commercial brands tend to use cheap, prolifically growing tea from Argentina which is noted more for its colour than for its taste but once sugar and lemon has been added they hope you will[…]

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Tea Etiquette

Tea etiquette

Tea Etiquette: Tea dos and don’ts An unwritten tea etiquette (until now). Have you ever wondered what is the correct way to drink tea? Have you ever looked at others and thought ‘they shouldn’t be doing that!’ or even (embarrassingly) others looking disdainfully in your direction whilst you are enjoying tea in a grand hotel.[…]

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Famous China Tribute Teas

China famous tribute teas

Famous China Tribute Teas: presented to the emperors China is justly famous for its magnificent teas, whether these be black, green, oolong, yellow or white. In particular however are the Famous Teas, which should be experienced by all lovers of China teas. Tribute teas, as they used to be known, were produced exclusively for the[…]

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Tea and Food Pairing

Tea and Food Pairing: which tea to pair with your food? In many societies, particularly in Asia, tea is consumed with meals and a wide variety of food whereas in Britain we tend to limit our culinary horizons, as far as tea is concerned, to scones, hot buttered toast and crumpets and all manner of cakes, pastries,[…]