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Tea gift collections

Loose Leaf Tea Gift Collections: each with four teas. Also special tea gift caddies for any of our teas.
We offer several loose leaf tea gift collections of our large leaf loose teas which can also serve as an introduction to our teas. These tea collections of four tins are wrapped in green tissue paper labelled with the tea collection you have chosen.
For those who have a passion for organic teas we have two very special tea collections: Green Teas for Organic Lovers and Black Teas for Organic Lovers.
Our loose leaf tea gift collections are available in 125 gram or 250 gram tin caddies. The teas are carefully chosen to make an attractive gift or to introduce a selection of teas.
Should you wish, we can wrap your teas in our specially designed wrapping paper and you may include a greeting in our unique tea gift card.
See our Explorers’ Black Tea Collection and Explorers’ Green tea Collection. These teas have been selected to appeal to those new to black teas or green teas and who might previously have only bought tea blends but now wish to explore the world of single-origin teas.
Our 125 gram tea gift caddies can be used for any of our teas and are available in two pre-selected sets to make giving our teas that much easier.

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